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How is Workplace Culture Related to Sexual Harassment in Louisiana?

— December 9, 2021

Workplaces that have the least chances of harassment happening or becoming a serious problem have a workplace culture that is informed and vigilant.

New Orleans, LA – Workplaces in Louisiana and the rest of the United States have been changing to accommodate individuals with diverse backgrounds. However, there are still some cultural issues in many workplaces that allow sexual harassment and related problems to flourish. Regardless of the employer’s views on the matter, they are still liable for certain kinds of harassment that they allow to happen within their company. 

Management and ownership issues

Some companies may have had the same owners and managers for years or decades. While this is not inherently a problem, it is possible in these situations that a company may not adequately adapt to address real concerns with sexual harassment. This is bad both for workers due to the potential for a poor environment, and the company’s bottom line if lawsuits are served. In terms of harassment issues, it is best if the company’s administration and management are proactive in terms of training workers and actively trying to eliminate harassment after it is discovered. 

As a related issue, if certain employees are viewed as untouchable and immune from discipline because of favoritism, they may also be likely to get away with illegal harassment. 

Employee apprehension

Workers who feel that their employer tolerates sexual harassment may have to deal with specific issues related to their fear of harassment. It is possible that employees may start to seek out other opportunities if they know their company will not take harassment seriously and they may become a victim in the future. These feelings tend to be most strongly felt among younger workers and female employees. One of the most common reasons that workers in this situation do not report harassment is out of fear of retaliation. Even though retaliation is illegal, many workers still fear being fired, demoted, or mistreated if their workplace appears to ignore or accept harassment as part of the work environment. 

Proactive cultures

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Workplaces that have the least chances of harassment happening or becoming a serious problem have a workplace culture that is informed and vigilant. Companies can create a written harassment policy and encourage discussion and training sessions to keep employees up to date. Engagement from the human resources department can also help if workers are comfortable and not intimidated regarding sharing concerns and problems as soon as they happen. Strong leadership from supervisors and managers has also been shown to help workers feel more confident in their roles and less willing to tolerate illegal behavior. 

Getting assistance from a local sexual harassment attorney

People who want more information about sexual harassment lawsuits in the New Orleans area can contact a lawyer using the listings on The site contains a directory of lawyers organized by state and practice area. 

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