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Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Checklist for Victims in Washington

— December 9, 2021

It’s easy to freeze up after being sexually harassed at your workplace in Washington. Some victims aren’t sure what to do next, and this indecision might even result in them keeping quiet for the rest of their lives. It’s important to understand that you are fully entitled to take legal action, and the entire process is actually relatively straightforward. To make this process easier, you can follow this simple checklist:

Tell Your Harasser to Stop

The first thing you need to do is very clearly tell your harasser to stop. Let them know that their behavior is unwanted. If you stay silent, your harasser might later claim that they were never made aware that certain actions or words offended you. 

Consult with an Attorney

One of the first things you should do is consult with an attorney. These legal professionals can help you determine what to do next. If you make decisions without first consulting with your lawyer, you risk making mistakes that might later affect your legal case. Ideally, you should get in touch with an attorney in Washington who has experience with sexual harassment lawsuits. These individuals know exactly what to expect, and they can guide you towards a positive legal outcome. 

Report the Incident in Writing

Another very important initial step is to report the incident to your supervisors or superiors. You should always make these reports in writing, as this is a more reliable form of evidence that can be used later as your lawsuit progresses. Make multiple copies of your report and have your attorney review it before sending it.

Partially-written essay; image by Quinn Dombrowski, via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, no changes.
Partially-written essay; image by Quinn Dombrowski, via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, no changes.

It’s also important to request an official reply to your report in writing. You might want to refuse to speak with your supervisors in an informal, verbal setting. Insist that they reply in written form, and make copies of these replies. 

Gather Documentation

You should also gather as much documentation as possible during this period. Take screenshots of text messages, photograph certain evidence if possible, and save any emails that might support your claims later on. If you think that certain documentation might be remotely important, save it. 

File a Complaint with the EEOC

If your employer does nothing to address the situation, you need to file an official complaint with the EEOC. This organization will help you hold your employer and your harasser accountable for their misconduct. 

Enlist the Help of an Attorney Today

Remember, your first step should be to get in touch with a qualified, experienced attorney in Washington. Finding an experienced lawyer is relatively easy, and there are plenty of committed legal professionals who are ready and waiting to assist you. Although it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the legal process when you’re filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, this process is actually relatively simple when you work with a qualified attorney. Reach out and book your consultation today. 

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