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How Law Firms Can Generate Leads During a Downturn

— April 23, 2020

It is imperative to take feedback from your clients as that will reasonably bring you the opportunity to make changes and get approached by more clients.

Lead generation is a daunting task, especially for law firms. But, it helps in getting clients, too. It is essential to have a face value for law firms as that will bring clients faster and more visitors on the website. Generating leads is one challenge for law firms during a downturn. Many clients don’t believe in the modern way of lawyer’s work; they go for the traditional manner of print ads or word-of-mouth publicity. However, if you have a convincing website and high capacity of lead generating strategies, then you might be successful in converting their mindset.

Due to lesser quality leads, many marketing budgets turn into a loss. But, why are you facing more inferior leads, ever thought of that? It could be primarily due to the wrong or old method of marketing strategy. Many law firms and lawyers are moving towards online lead generation to have a reputation in front of a larger audience than a few countable ones. Though many lawyers are still following the old methods, with time, law firms are taking a keen interest in strategic marketing plans to generate leads during a downturn. There are various terminologies that need you attention as a lawyer or law firm, like SEO, SEM, PPC, etc.

Why is it important for a law firm to generate leads online? 

The most essential step is to have a website. It is a face or representation of you as a whole. The website will have all your marketing activities and online leads. Ensure having a website that strictly holds your professional prospects. With a sober site, you can go ahead with a digital marketing plan that helps you reach out to your leads.

Two digital marketing experts planning about SEO and link building strategies. Image by Diggity Marketing, via
Two digital marketing experts planning about SEO and link building strategies. Image by Diggity Marketing, via

Once you start getting traffic (visitors) on your website, the hard work of an impressive website should do its magic. Some points will follow up; some won’t. So make sure your website is good enough to turn a visitor into a client. This process is called “conversion.” Have a form section that can be filled by visitors (name and contact details), so they can be contacted by your team later for follow up.

How can law firms generate leads during a downturn?

There are plenty of ways through which law firms or lawyers can innovatively generate leads. 

Below are given a few of them, such as:

  • Blog section: Blogs are one of the most prominent tactics that always works. Blogs provide thoughts and value to your website. It targets your prospect in the right manner. Blogs help visitors understand the essential information and get closer to your brand value. The target audience will be accessible with the right usage of words called keywords and engaging content of the blog. The most frequently visited blog will get the most traffic and help you create a sturdy reputation. You can also share these blogs easily on the emails of visitors who filled the forms.
  • Search Engine Optimization: This is another integral part of lead generation. SEO works easily. The primary role is to bring traffic (visitors) to your website. By bringing traffic, you will rank higher in search engines. The more visitors you get, the higher you will rank. Every time you publish a new post, blog, or update website, SEO comes into action.
  • Email Marketing: This tactic always works. You should attempt to send useful emails that are relevant and informative for your prospective client. Your target audience should relate to the email and feel interested in reading it. By submitting the right kind of email to the right audience, you can generate leads with greater ease.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): The primary role of SMM is to enable you to share the content developed on your website. Handling social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. is a tricky task. You must designate a specialist who can wisely give a face to your brand on social platforms just as you need it. Constant posts will address the visitors regularly.
  • Online Advertisements: Advertising has always been one common way of lead generation, be it print or online, and it has ever worked for brands in generating awareness and leads. Usually, lawyers face trouble in having the right kind of advertisement for their firm. Henceforth, PPC i.e., pay per click and Google Adwords, are fantastic platforms to advertise correctly to reach the right audience.
  • Analytics: In lead generation, experimentation and analysis are very important. You need a method to analyze the results of your digital marketing strategy and make alterations in the plan if required. To estimate ROI, you need to use specific tools that help you calculate results. This will help you identify the errors and focus on achieving your goals. The aim is not just traffic, but the relevant kind of traffic. To do so, analytics help a lot. A quality website is the key to hold a visitor’s attention longer, therefore, enhancing the chances of lead generation in a downturn, too.


It is imperative to take feedback from your clients as that will reasonably bring you the opportunity to make changes and get approached by more clients. Follow these tips and you might see faster results even in times of downturn.

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