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How Much Do truck Accidents Cost in Houston?

— March 23, 2022

People who have been injured by a semi truck or other commercial vehicle have the right to take legal action and be compensated for their losses.

Houston, TX Truck and commercial vehicle collisions often have a very significant price attached to them. This is because there tend to be serious injuries or fatalities, large amounts of property damage, environmental damage, lost cargo, and the possibility of hazardous materials damaging the environment. Because of this potential for loss, a major expense for trucking companies is paying for special insurance and additional safety features on vehicles and training for drivers. This can help mitigate some of their costs if accidents are avoided or less frequent.

Individuals who were involved in a truck crash can speak with a lawyer in Texas to learn more about the process to bring a civil case for compensation.  

Average truck accident costs

Data related to truck accidents shows that an average crash will cost over one hundred thousand dollars when all of the property damage, lost or damaged goods, and medical costs are factored together. However, if several people are injured or there are multiple fatalities, this figure can quickly rise into the amount of millions of dollars. It is also possible that special cleanup crews may need to be called to the scene and paid if the crash caused a spill of fuel or other dangerous or toxic materials. 

Truck and commercial vehicle insurance

Companies that own trucks or other fleets of commercial vehicles will have to purchase special high risk insurance policies. This is because the insurance company may have to pay out large amounts to fix the damage caused by a driver, and they base rates on the relative risk of the driver or business. Obviously, this risk tends to be much higher when a large semi truck causes damage when compared to a standard car. 

Victims of truck accidents

Image of a Woman Crying
Woman Crying; image courtesy of Counselling via Pixabay,

People who have been injured by a semi truck or other commercial vehicle have the right to take legal action and be compensated for their losses. If the victim sustained fatal injuries, the family can go through a similar process to bring a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. The main task of the plaintiff and their lawyer in these cases is to prove that the truck driver was at fault due to negligence, and the actions of the driver were the actual cause of the losses. If the negligence lawsuit is successful, the victim is entitled to various kinds of damages for costs such as medical treatment, lost income, and pain or trauma associated with the incident. 

More information after a truck crash

There are truck accident attorneys available in Houston to assist anyone who has been involved in a collision. Blizzard Law provides advice to local clients who have been injured and need a settlement for compensation.

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