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How Much is Too Much When It Comes to Alcohol and Accidents?

— May 10, 2022

Texas has strict laws against driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol like all other jurisdictions in the United States.

Dallas, TX – Texas law that applies to all drivers in Dallas defines driving while intoxicated as having a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or greater or driving with controlled substances in a person’s body while operating any motor vehicle. The government is able to punish these drivers with various criminal penalties, but it is also possible that any accident victim that is harmed by an intoxicated driver can choose to bring a civil lawsuit for compensation, regardless of whether the person is convicted in criminal court or not. The civil case does not necessarily require a specific showing of consumption of drugs or alcohol to be successful, as negligence can be proven in various ways. Attorneys near me are available to explain these matters with more specifics based on the incident in question. 

The Texas criminal DWI statute

Texas has strict laws against driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol like all other jurisdictions in the United States. Drivers can face consequences such as fines up to $2,000, as much as six months of jail time, and a license suspension of up to a year for a first offense. The DWI statute also provides more severe penalties for things like a high blood alcohol concentration that is well in excess of the legal limit, drivers with prior DWI convictions, and those who cause accidents that result in injuries or death can be charged with felonies. People who have been convicted of at least one DWI offense can also expect higher auto insurance rates, and issues with retaining or finding employment if the position requires operating any kind of vehicles or machinery. 

Civil cases and DWI crashes

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Dallas DWI accident lawyers are available to assist victims with their civil cases as well. These kinds of lawsuits can be important for people who were harmed in the crash as the main way to receive a financial remedy and pay for the significant costs involved in paying for medical bills and property repairs. Unlike in criminal cases, there is no specific legal limit of alcohol that is necessary for a case. The plaintiff in the civil lawsuit brought by Dallas accident lawyers only needs to show that the defendant was negligent. While evidence of intoxication by drugs or alcohol is certainly relevant to the issue of negligence, other kinds of evidence and traffic violations can be introduced as well or in addition to other behaviors. 

Additional advice from drunk driving accident lawyers in Dallas is a website that contains a directory of lawyers all over the country. Anyone who needs help finding a local attorney can call the site directly at 800-672-3103.

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