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How Should Employers in Arizona Address Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

— December 21, 2021

The sooner sexual harassment is addressed, the quicker the incident can be dealt with and the more likely it is to come to an end.

Sexual harassment occurs in many forms and isn’t only limited to physical contact. In fact, obscene text messages or discussions of a sexual nature are sometimes also considered acts of sexual harassment. If sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, it should be addressed immediately. 

The sooner sexual harassment is addressed, the quicker the incident can be dealt with and the more likely it is to come to an end.

Addressing sexual harassment in the workplace

There are different ways employers can address sexual harassment in the workplace, some of which are discussed down below:

  • Change workplace culture. Employers must ensure their workplace culture is one that does not condone sexual harassment, or any behavior closely related to it. This means inappropriate comments, jokes, or touching should not be tolerated and should also be addressed as it occurs.
  • Administer an employee climate survey. An employee climate survey can give insight into past and present issues employees are dealing with, the unfortunate experiences they have gone through, “employee needs, and gaps in response.” This information can then be used to determine what changes, if any, need to be made in the workplace to address sexual harassment.
  • Create an effective workplace policy. If an employer doesn’t already have a sexual harassment policy in place, they need to have one that clearly outlines the procedures an employee can follow if they are sexually harassed at work and the consequences that follow after an act of sexual harassment.
  • Provide staff with sexual harassment training. Employees and even those holding managerial positions should participate in sexual harassment training to ensure they understand what sexual harassment is and how it should be addressed if it occurs. If policies need to be changed or inappropriate behavior continues to occur, additional training should be provided.

What should an employer do if an employee reports a sexual harassment incident?

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Sexual harassment has been and continues to be a recurring issue in the workplace. If an employee reports an incident involving sexual harassment, their employer is expected to address the matter immediately.

What if sexual harassment is not addressed by an employer in Arizona?

If you were sexually harassed at work and feel your concerns are not being addressed properly by your employer, an Arizona sexual harassment attorney can help you understand your rights. Sexual harassment is considered illegal behavior and employers who neglect to address it could face consequences for their lack of action.

If you’d like to discuss your incident with an experienced sexual harassment lawyer in Arizona because you’re getting little or no help from your employer, is here to connect you with a legal expert who is eager to assist with your matter.

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