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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Impacted Home Delivery Businesses

— July 31, 2020

Looking at the current situation, the time is not far off when people would completely resort to buying online via package delivery software, no matter how small or big the order is.

With the world constantly fighting towards limiting the COVID-19 pandemic’s spread, last mile delivery optimisation solution offering businesses are seriously considering this as an amazing opening for helping people out with all kinds of needs, in delivering possibly everything to doorsteps.

For most people online ordering has never been a comfortable option as they tend to check out things before buying, whether be electronics, clothes, food, and so much more.

However, COVID-19 has had such an impact globally that even such people have resorted to buying online, due to the state of lockdown.

This has led to not just an increased demand of last mile route optimisation application but even left a profound impact on lot many different ways.

  • Surge in an increasing number of home deliveries

Earlier, people used to go to restaurants to eat food or buy things from a shops and malls. But, now things are pretty much confined to home, resulting in people playing it safer to shop things via a real time delivery tracking system from the comforts of their home.

It is no more a question of whether a particular item or food item is required or not. It has become a great way to divert minds from the epidemic around to kill so much of idle time on hand until things go back completely to a normalcy state.

  • Life essentials can’t be ignored no matter what

Can you do without wheat, rice, pulses, vegetables, fruits, milk, or such other basic life necessities other than food? Of course not, since some things can’t be simply replaced and delivering them right to the doorsteps has just gained momentum.

You need to feed yourself and your family for which you need to get essentials into your home with a last mile delivery tracking system, no matter how worse the situation is. This also applies to medicines, tea, coffee, etc. wherein you need to buy them in any given situation.

  • Getting prepared for the unexpected scenario

Last mile optimisation software offering businesses have become more proactive than ever by stocking up with things in advance to meet the unexpected surge in demand at any given time. This also means safeguarding the stock from corona virus or uncertain weather conditions.

Hand sanitizer and mask sitting on wooden table; image by Anshu A., via
Hand sanitizer and mask sitting on wooden table; image by Anshu A., via

Even the delivery staff have been trained by following the three golden rules – wearing a mask, sanitising the hands, maintaining social distancing. This also has led to businesses take good care of their in-house and delivery staff against COVID-19.

  • Maintaining service quality is now critically important

Due to surge in delivery requests at the same second, minute, hour, or day, it has become extremely challenging for any courier and parcel delivery software to ensure timely delivery without any damage. Constant sanitisation takes place during transit from source to destination.

Service quality had always been challenging but with this pandemic there has even been a surge in the expectations of customers with regards to timely safe delivery. With dynamic re-routing, customer handling, and delivery staff training, last mile delivery businesses are tackling this issue.

  • Acceptance of technologies to smoothen things

There is a heavy reliance on integrating courier tracking software technologies as much possible during the ordering process. This includes one step checkout to bar code scanning for delivery progress tracking, digital wallets payment processing, credit card/debit card machines, and more.

The conventional means of paying cash on delivery is now supported with too many different paying options just to avoid physical contact. Barcode scanning helps a great deal in tracking the package delivery status at every single hub, avoiding manual tracking.

  • Safety of customers and drivers is paramount

Courier and parcel delivery businesses have started ensuring a safe and secured home delivery by allotting their staff with a COVID-19 kit comprised of mask, sanitiser, and gloves. To make it work even more, the in-house office staff have been allotted with the same.

The delivery staff is further trained to alert customers manually or digitally when nearby, so that customers get to choose the exact place for delivery, at a specific place only. With payment done digitally, no need for a physical interaction, as per the preferences selected by customers.

What’s more?

Courier dispatch software businesses apps allow photo and video sharing so that customers and delivery staff can coordinate with ease leading to a non-contact transaction and successful delivery.

Even real time notifications play a major role in killing apprehensions going in consumers minds with delivery in transit.

Home delivery businesses have really pumped up to make the most of this situation keeping the safety factor into consideration.

Looking at the current situation, the time is not far off when people would completely resort to buying online via package delivery software, no matter how small or big the order is.

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