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How the Vacation Rental Industry is Evolving in 2023 

— March 27, 2023

Adjustments are being made in response to the changing demands and expectations of visitors.

The vacation rental market is changing to meet the demands of travelers anxious to set out again and see the world as the world continues to recover from the pandemic. The vacation rental business is undergoing rapid change as a result of the development of technology and a renewed emphasis on health and safety. This piece will examine five changes coming to the vacation rental sector in 2023.

Contactless check-in and check-out

In the aftermath of the pandemic, contactless check-in has grown in popularity among vacation rental owners. To reduce contact between visitors and staff, many vacation rental businesses now provide keyless entry systems and virtual check-in choices. In addition to lowering the danger of infectious disease transmission, this streamlines and makes check-in easier for visitors. Many rentals have installed a keyless entry device so that visitors can enter the building without ever speaking to a member of the staff. Each visitor is given a special code that they can use to open the entrance and enter the building. As a result, there is no need for physical keys, and guests can check in at any moment.

Emphasis on health and safety

The vacation rental business has always placed a high emphasis on health and safety, but the pandemic has brought these concerns to the fore. To make sure that visitors feel secure and at ease while staying at vacation rental properties, many of these businesses are now implementing new procedures. This includes more thorough cleaning and sanitizing, giving visitors face masks and hand sanitizer, and having lenient cancellation policies. A thorough cleaning routine that includes disinfecting all high-touch surfaces between visitor stays has been adopted by many vacation rentals. Additionally, they offer face masks and hand sanitizer for visitors to use while they are there. Additionally, they have put in place a lenient cancellation policy to give visitors piece of mind in case they need to adjust their plans due to unanticipated events like those connected to estate planning which can’t be canceled.

Focus is on sustainability

Aerial view of beach house; image by Keegan Checks, via
Aerial view of beach house; image by Keegan Checks, via

In recent years, many vacation rental businesses have made sustainability a top priority. Travelers are looking for lodgings that are dedicated to sustainability as they become more aware of their effect on the environment. In response, vacation rental businesses have incorporated eco-friendly procedures into every aspect of their business. This covers every aspect, from using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and energy-saving tools to obtaining local and organic food for visitors. The beautiful Sandy Point Beach House is one instance of a resort that has incorporated ecology into every aspect of its operations. The house is situated on a lovely beachfront, and has adopted a number of sustainable practices to lessen its effect on the environment. The first thing you will notice are natural timbers and rattan details that add freshness and peace to the space, but there are many other elements that allow the guests to practice their eco-friendly habits. 

Personalized stays

Travelers are increasingly looking for tailored experiences that let them engage with the local community and discover new places in an original and authentic manner. Today, a lot of vacation rental businesses provide visitors with personalized encounters like cooking classes, wine tastings, and guided tours. These interactions not only improve the visitor experience but also give vacation rental businesses a chance to stand out from the crowd. Some accommodations provide guests with individualized experiences, such as a private chef who will create a tailored dinner using regional ingredients. Additionally, they provide guided tours of the neighborhood, which includes the beaches and hiking paths nearby. Through these interactions, visitors can get to know the community and make lifelong memories while traveling.

Integration of technology 

The vacation rental business is utilizing technology more and more because it offers fresh approaches to modernize processes, improve the guest experience, and enhance staff-guest interaction. These days, a lot of vacation rental businesses use mobile applications that let visitors book accommodations, get property details, and get in touch with staff. Smart home technology is also gaining popularity as it enables visitors to control everything with their cellphones, from the lighting to the temperature. Smart home technology has been incorporated throughout many rental properties so that visitors can manage the lighting, temperature, and music system using a smartphone app. They also use a mobile app that lets visitors book rooms, obtain details about the property, and get in touch with staff. Vacation rental companies can now streamline their operations and offer more effective and efficient customer support while also improving the overall guest experience. 

It is obvious that the vacation rental market is expected to experience rapid growth in 2023. These adjustments are being made in response to the changing demands and expectations of visitors, who are looking for lodging that offers distinctive and genuine experiences while also giving sustainability and safety top priority. Successful leasing companies and properties are setting the bar for adoption of these changes and serving as a role model for the sector’s future. We can anticipate even more exciting and innovative developments as the industry develops, which will change how we journey and experience new places.

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