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How to Become an Attorney in 2022

— July 7, 2022

Although you have graduated from law school, you must pass the bar examination to practice.

Being an attorney is an ambitious and rewarding career. You will be able to help people in need and assist justice to be done in the courtroom. However, the path to get there is challenging and requires a great deal of knowledge and dedication. Here are a few steps to become an attorney in 2022.

Apply for College

The first step towards a career in law is to choose a quality college or university to get your Bachelor’s degree. Research the top institutions in the country or around your area and take note of what their requirements are. Contact the admission departments of these schools to ask questions and arrange a tour of the facility. Beware of advertisements that you get in your email or online that seem too good to be true. They could possibly be a spoofing attack instead of a valid group wanting to recruit you as a new student. Once you have selected the place where you want to go, send in your application. Your advisor will help you pick the right courses to prepare you to be a lawyer. As you spend your time there, study the material you have for your first big examination.

Prepare for Examinations

Before you can get into law school, you must take an exam that proves that you are qualified to do so. This is called the LSAT, or the Law School Admission Test. Look for locations where you can take this before you apply for graduate courses. Your paperwork will be put on hold until the institution can review the results or they may reject it altogether. You will also want to complete this as soon as possible to keep your student loans active. The review will address your ability to comprehend what you read, your skill in thinking critically, if you are adept in argumentation, and if you can analyze information. There will also be a written assignment that must be completed as well. Find out what score is required by the universities that you are interested in. Once you have your results, you will know if you can proceed with your enrollment or if you should consider another path.

Choose a Law School

Yale University, Law School
Yale University, Law School; image courtesy of Pradipta Mitra via Wikimedia Commons,

Now that you have passed the LSAT, you can begin applying to your institution of choice. The most prestigious schools in the country only admit a few students each year, so you will want to get your application and test results in to them as soon as you can. You should also set aside time in your schedule to help in your community as much as you can. You also must speak to the professors that you worked closest with and request a recommendation that reflects your abilities. These added credentials can be a significant benefit towards your acceptance into the program that you want to be in. Once you are accepted, think about what type of law you want to work with. While you will devote the first half of your time there to the general curriculum, you can enroll in specialized classes as you get closer to graduation.

Prepare for the Bar

Although you have graduated from law school, you must pass the bar examination to practice. The test is different for each state and you must have positive results for each one that you want to represent in. Give yourself enough time to prepare for it before scheduling yourself to take it. Devote two days to complete the entire process. One day will cover what you have learned while the bother involves written assignments. Be aware that, although you may have a high score, you still need to be evaluated by the government before you can be certified to be an attorney. Becoming a lawyer is a rewarding position that is beneficial to many people. It takes a great deal of schoolwork and studying to achieve this goal, but with high grades and superior test results you will succeed in this journey.

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