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How to Become an Influencer on YouTube

— February 10, 2021

Remember to engage/interact with your audience to gain credibility and reliability among your followers. 

What does it take to become a YouTube influencer? Some people would say it is about the numbers, i.e., number of followers, number of likes, number of views, number of comments, etc. 

While popularity is somewhat in the numbers, there is more to being an influencer than just numbers. It takes patience, perseverance, and effort. Those top influencers surely make it look easy, but if you ask them what it took to get there, they will tell you they worked for it.

Some influencers may use growth services to get some numbers, but the key to their success lies within the following aspects.

Choose Your Niche

First you need to determine what industry niche you want to use for your videos. It should be something you know a lot about to make this process easier, but you can get ideas for popular niches online and do your research.

You can mix and match related topics as long as you keep your content consistent, layout and appearance consistent across social media and create clear and quality videos for your target audience.

Create and Optimize Your Channel

If you intend to use YouTube as a revenue source, you need to create your own channel. You can use your name or a nickname for your channel of make it something catchy and unique. It is also good to have a logo or icon for your channel so that it is easily recognized among YouTube users. 

Optimize your channel by completing your “About” section thoroughly and clearly describe your channel. Prioritize your points by breaking your description into short paragraphs that are easy to read. Place the appropriate keywords in your description and make your channel welcoming to others. 

Brainstorm for Content Ideas

Brainstorming is often more recognized among teams, but you can do this on your own. This process will give you ideas you can use throughout the course of several videos, so you will not be stuck for future content.

Check out popular YouTubers who are within your niche. Use their content to brainstorm to create something better for your channel. Come up with topics that are useful to your audience, entertaining, informative, educational, fun, and always relevant. Basically, provide value in your content for your followers.

Create Your Content Schedule

Consistency is a crucial component of marketing like a YouTube influencer. Create a schedule for releasing new videos and stick to it so that your subscribers will know what is coming next. This is a great way to organize your content as well.

Develop your schedule according to your routine. Work around school, your job, your kids, or whatever you do. Daily video uploads may gain more subscribers, but it may also overwhelm you if you are doing this alone. Schedule your time wisely and start slowly then gradually increase your content, keeping it manageable. 

Determine Your Equipment Needs

What kind of camera, video, and software do you have? While you do not need to invest a fortune in camera and video equipment to be successful like an influencer, you do need access to quality equipment for clear, quality video creation. Most smartphones have ample megapixels for quality videos and is a good place to start.

Person holding video camera; image by Thomas William, via
Person holding video camera; image by Thomas William, via

Video editing software is an investment you will need to make, but you should not have to spend hundreds of dollars for user-friendly software. Just make sure to get video editing software that has the basic features needed to create professional-looking videos. If you plan to do screen recording, you may need to invest in software for that as well. Additionally, a good microphone is something that helps keep your audio clear and easy to hear.

Upload and Learn from Your Videos

From the moment you upload your first video you should be monitoring its analytics. You should be doing this regularly across your channel, so you know what is working and what is not. 

Be patient and easy on yourself because your first video is not likely to be perfect regardless of how much effort and time you put into it. Every YouTuber has experienced this. You will learn from the experience and learn as you grow. 

Final Thoughts 

These tips are how you become an influencer on YouTube. 

Remember to engage/interact with your audience to gain credibility and reliability among your followers. 

Once you have followers, keep them happy by getting their feedback through YouTube live Q&As or encourage feedback in your comments. The more you know about what your audience wants, the better your content will become and the more chances you have to gain YouTube subscribers.

If you want to get a good initial boost, UseViral for YouTube can help you get started. They provide reliable, safe, and effective growth and engagement.

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