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How to Build Effective File Management for a Better Business Workflow

— January 12, 2022

An effective file management system improves the overall function of a business workflow.

The importance of an effective workflow cannot be overlooked in any business setup. It helps streamline and automate repeatable business tasks, increasing the overall efficiency of the employees and giving room for no errors. Most business entities these days invest resources in building effective file management to make the business workflow even better. A company’s security is strengthened by the modern file management software, allowing the administrators to receive data reports that will help them improve business decisions. Here are some tips on building effective file management for a better business workflow.

Backup plan

As a serious business organization that relies on important documents and data, it is very important to always have a backup plan in case there is a loss of any of such documents or data. Building effective file management for a better workflow can never be complete if what the workflow depends on has no duplicates elsewhere. It is not a matter of being organized, it is the reality that your computer could crash without any prior issues. If that happens, your files will be gone if you don’t have a backup plan. For a proper backing up, you need to choose a location separate from your computer. For the hard copied documents like paper files, you need to make several copies of each of them and store them in different places.

Embrace online security culture

Imagine getting incomplete data just because it had been tampered with online during the process of transferring. Guiding against this is very important because corrupted files or incomplete data can deal a cruel blow to a business workflow. So, how do you achieve this? There are several file management tools that can guide against online maneuvering of your files and data when you are sending emails that have them attached. Massive ensures secure file sharing within and out of any business organization, especially if the file is a very large one. Another advantage of using this file management tool is that it automatically backs up any data it encounters without slowing down your network.

Keep to an immediate filing policy

Many business organizations deal with a lot of files every day with new ones cropping up too. However, most of them do not have an effective filing policy in place. The best practice is to file regularly and immediately you welcome a new file or document. This will help a successful workflow. Imagine that a member of your team needs to work with a particular file that came in two days earlier but because it wasn’t filed immediately, it probably got mixed up somewhere else. Papers and electronic files can all pile up. Make it a habit of filing away immediately after going through them. This will help reduce any clutter and make it easier for other workflow processes to happen seamlessly.

Name your files properly

It could be a serious issue for your workflows as a company if files are not properly named. The resulting effect is a possible search for a document or more for weeks just because they were not properly filed. Adopting a company-wide file naming system is very important if documents must be kept organized. This will make it easy for everyone to understand what each file is for and it would make things easier for workflows. You can name your files by using what the documents in it stand for plus an underscore and the creator’s name. If there are files with the same name and reason, you can differentiate by stating the month or year it was created.

Choose a location known to everyone

Graphic depiction of data flowing as golden light; image by Joshua Sortino, via
Graphic depiction of data flowing as golden light; image by Joshua Sortino, via

It is never cool that team members have to make calls every now and then to know the location of some files or documents that will enable them to do their jobs. For a business workflow to be better, it is good that the files containing documents or data that are needed be kept in one location. This is one reason why slime organizations use Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. They present a master location for all documents that the business creates or uses and can easily be accessible to anyone who has any business with such documents or files. The filing can be done in that location and sub-folders can be created also.

Final word

An effective file management system improves the overall function of a business workflow. It provides a database through which the company can search for any data that needs to be retrieved for use. So, with this system, employers and their employees can collaborate in a more productive way as well as make quicker and smarter decisions. These tips on how to build effective file management for a better business workflow have been proven to yield results and you should consider trying them out.

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