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Ready for Success: Essential Skills of an Elite Project Manager

— January 12, 2022

Many managers suffer from a lack of confidence and lack of leadership skills. However, learning to enhance their skills with the help of online courses will help.

A project manager is like all other managers, the sum of his skills. He has to take care of his team and his project at the same time. If there are any issues it is his job to resolve them and eliminate friction on his team so that the work is never delayed in any way. However, various issues and hurdles might make his task difficult. It is ultimately his responsibility to remove those hurdles so that work can move on flawlessly. Let us see what are the essential skills of elite project managers that can help them manage to get the job done in no time at all:

  • Effective communication is the key to success

From project kick-offs all the way to stakeholder meetings, communication is what an elite project manager does best. Poor communication will automatically lead to missed deadlines and general inefficiency. If they want work to flow smoothly, it is imperative that they prioritize all communication skills and become very efficient communicators. This includes not just knowing how to approach various people, but also how to create meaningful relationships with everyone, especially subordinates and co-workers. You can only do that and if you are able to articulate a very clear and established vision of the project, you will be able to achieve it. In a nutshell, learning to communicate is a very simple and highly productive first step towards becoming an elite project manager today. 

  • Learning to negotiate 

From engaging suppliers to managing resources to dealing with various kinds of team conflict, being a project manager means constantly being involved in negotiations. An effective project manager has to be very skillful in negotiations and he has to have the ability to keep all of the concerned stakeholders both content and unified towards a common goal at all times. Sometimes certain unavoidable discussions regarding scope creep, budgets, resources, and timelines just might end up becoming a trifle adversarial if the project manager cannot handle them effectively. An elite project manager is always expected to know that. He/she will use all persuasive techniques in his or her repertoire to come up with highly encouraging solutions. Such people are very good at avoiding any damage to workplace relationships.

  • Time management and scheduling

A key trait of a good project manager is that he is very good at scheduling tasks. In fact, it would not be wrong to assert that this just might be the core facet of any worthwhile project management function. However, it is pertinent to note that if a person is singularly adept at the art of juggling multiple schedules and tasks, he or she will be a resounding success as a project manager. Moreover, they should also be able to anticipate and thereby prevent roadblocks long before they can ever occur. This way a successful project manager can deliver all projects within acceptable deadlines.

Project management on a board; image by Alvaro Reyes, via
Project management on a board; image by Alvaro Reyes, via
  • Be a leader who leads from the front  

One cannot be a good leader without really strong leadership skills. It is very simple really. If you cannot command the respect of your peers and subordinates, and they don’t look up to you, you won’t have much chance of being a successful leader. Here, you will have to coach, guide, and ultimately motivate all of your coworkers as much as you can. This is the best possible way of moving a project onwards so as to deliver highly positive outcomes. A good leader will be able to foster an environment conducive to the creation of positive outcomes, regardless of the difficulty of the project. 

  • Enhance your skill set

This is yet another way of improving all of your project management skills. You can try to enroll in various courses such as online PMP training in order to enhance your skills and upgrade your capabilities. This is a great way of becoming a better project manager and it will look good on your resume too. 


Many managers suffer from a lack of confidence and lack of leadership skills. However, learning to enhance their skills with the help of online courses will help many such managers to polish their skills until they become elite managers in their own right. 

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