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How to Consciously Avoid a Car Accident

— May 27, 2021

Use headlight whenever necessary and honk whenever needed to show your presence to other drivers.

Cars are there to help us move from one place to another in a short time and in a comfortable way. Besides being a convenient transportation system, cars are hobbies, style statement and class definition for many. If you are not careful enough, you will most likely get into an accident irrespective of the car’s value.

What are some great tips to avoid car accidents?

Car accidents are not uncommon. If you are not conscious, accidents are bound to happen when you get behind a wheel. Following tips might help you avert a fatal accident-

  • Concentrate- All your conscious effort should be on the road and driving when driving a car. One can’t lose focus for a second if you want to avoid a car accident.
  • Speed limit- Sometimes, when you are in a hurry, you might exceed the limit, or a group of friends might think it will be fun to drive a car at speed with loud music. Road rash for mere fun competition on normal roads can be your reason to cross the speed limit. Whatever your reasons are, you should never cross the speed limit if you want to avoid an accident.
  • Traffic rules- The number one measurement for avoiding accidents is to abide by the traffic rules, for example- traffic signals, signs, speed limits etc.
  • Safe car- Always chose a vehicle with excellent safety features while purchasing. A vehicle with electronic stability control will reduce the risk of accident to a great extent.
  • Maintenance of your vehicle- Car maintenance is essential. Get your car professionally checked regularly to avoid any accident. You can perform engine maintenance regularly by yourself for keeping the vehicle in optimum condition.
  • Consider another unsafe driver- You can be careful and maintain all the rules, but what if there is a reckless driver on the other end? You should consider this matter as well while driving.
  • Cell phone use- Never use a cell phone while driving despite any emergency. Try to use hands-free for communicating.
  • Avoid driving when unwell- If you feel you are physically or mentally ill, you must avoid driving. Let others take you to your destination or call a taxi if necessary to prevent accident risk.
  • Drunk driving- You should never drive after drinking. There is a law against drunk driving for the law, but you should avoid it for your own sake and others. You might feel you are a good driver and can handle it, but most accidents occur because of drunk driving.

    Plain view: Man opening bottle behind the wheel; image by, via
    Plain view: Man opening bottle behind the wheel; image by, via
  • Wear seatbelts- Always remember to buckle up your seatbelt and ask other passengers traveling with you to follow the same as well. Seatbelts can protect you from getting injured. 
  • Keep a distance- Most accidents occur because of tailgating. Keep a safe distance between vehicles to avoid accidents. Tailgating causes maximum accidents.
  • Rainy/snowy weather- Slow down as much as possible in bad weather because chances are higher to slip on wet roads and be in an accident.
  • Headlight and horns- Use headlight whenever necessary and honk whenever needed to show your presence to other drivers.

Even if you follow all the rules, accidents might still happen. A Fort Lauderdale car accidents lawyer is great with such an incident.

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