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How to Find a Good Lawyer for Business Litigation

— May 25, 2022

Many clients who worked with specific lawyers will share their experiences online. This is a great way to see how good or bad the attorney is for business litigation.

When you own a business, you must do everything to make sure it’s safe and that you can handle all responsibilities accordingly. This isn’t easy, especially if you are just getting started. This is why you should have a trustworthy team by your side – a team that should also include a business lawyer. 

Nobody wants that, but sometimes, you might have legal problems with your business. That’s when the lawyer comes into play. But how can you hire the right business lawyer if you’re dealing with business litigation, for example? We have some tips and tricks for you, so keep on reading!

  1. Look Up Their Reputation for Honesty

Checking a lawyer’s reputation is one of the best ways to discover whether they are good or not for your case. Nowadays, it is easy to find such information. The Internet is vast, so it’s very likely to find the results you are looking for. 

Many clients who worked with specific lawyers will share their experiences online. This is a great way to see how good or bad the attorney is for business litigation. It’s crucial to pick a lawyer who is respected by both the opposing counsel and the Judge. On top of that, the ideal business lawyer for business litigation must be honest and fair at all times and must do everything to serve your company. 

  1. Check the Lawyer’s Verdict and Result History

Every lawyer is different – therefore, they will have different outcomes. Ideally, you should go for a lawyer who has a large number of wins. They should win for their clients most times, as this shows just how good the attorney is. 

Look up the lawyer on Google and check out news items about their honors, cases, client comments, awards, references, and ratings from the past, but also peer ratings from other lawyers. 

Make sure to also check the attorney’s website. 

  1. Search for Lawyers with Enough Experience in the Specific Litigation Area

There are multiple special legal expertise areas, so you will want to look for a lawyer who is experienced in the litigation area. After all, the last thing you want is to pay a lawyer only to find out later that they have never dealt with cases like yours. 

So, don’t hire a tax lawyer for business litigation, for example, because they won’t be able to help you much. 

  1. Talk to the Lawyer

Consider meeting up with a business lawyer that you have an interest in. How do you feel when meeting up? Do you feel comfortable and find the lawyer to be honest?

Business meeting; image by Rawpixel, via
Business meeting; image by Rawpixel, via

Moreover, has the lawyer answered every question you asked, and has he/she given you the answer you expected? Did they also explain the fee basis clearly? 

Face-to-face communication is usually the best, so meeting up may be the best thing to do. Analyze the attorney’s communication skills and how you feel about them before hiring them.

  1. Consider the Fees

The fee structure is very important to consider, especially if you have a small business and you’re on a budget. Before hiring an attorney for business litigation, you should get every detail you can about the fees and write them down. This way, you will always know how much you will pay for the services of the lawyer. 

Many lawyers charge hourly rates, but others charge flat fees instead. Flat fees tend to be better because they save you money, so if you find a lawyer with a flat fee, you should put them on the shortlist. 

  1. Find Out Whether the Lawyer Is Known by the Other Side

When a lawyer is known and has made a reputation already, the opposing counsel will know whether the attorney wins in trials or not. Why does this matter? Well, if you have a lawyer that the other side already knows, it can boost the settlement value of the case a lot. At the same time, it can decrease the value. 

If you want to reach fair settlements, you may want to consider a lawyer known by the other side.


Finding a good lawyer for business litigation is easy if you take your time and know what aspects to pay attention to. You must consider the fee structure, but also their history and reputation. 

Moreover, you may want to meet up with the lawyer for proper communication – this way, you can make the right decision. Consider all the tips in this article and you will find the best lawyer for business litigation. 

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