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Know Why You Need a Tax Attorney

— April 25, 2022

A tax attorney can ensure that your payment plan meets your needs and will repay the government.

The IRS is quite strict with its rules, and there are tax disputes out there that could break your bank in the worst way if you don’t know what to do about them. Rather than dealing with the tax system and facing anything concerning your tax status alone, it is better to work with a tax attorney who can help you get through and protect your money. Otherwise, any mistake in tax filing by you, your employee, or someone else can land you in serious trouble. Besides, there can be many aspects you may not predict, but your business and money get wiped out in no time when they occur. Let’s explore why hiring a lawyer specializing in IRS tax resolution can be helpful.

Tax Code 

The IRS tax code is there in writing all over 15,000 pages. Quite a daunting number, isn’t it? Will you have the time to read all of it? What about the understanding? And what about applying it fairly and adequately to your case? Most people in your scenario will usually answer “no” to all those questions. It is where hiring a good tax lawyer comes into play. The state and federal IRS tax codes keep on changing, which means that if you don’t get in touch with an experienced lawyer, there is a chance that you could be at odds with them. Be smart and make sure to retain one of the expert lawyers who ensure that you don’t get penalized. So if you need help, you can trust someone like Tomes Law Firm, PC.


If you’ve been in contact with the IRS, it’s common to feel intimidated and afraid of getting into trouble due to not knowing what forms to fill out or how exactly to do so. However, it should be fine if you’re not trying to hide anything. You have to make sure that you don’t say anything inadvertently that happens to imply guilt or responsibility for something suspicious. That’s why it’s best to handoff communications and always let your tax lawyer do the talking on your behalf. Your lawyer can handle all communication in your stead, including any letters or phone calls that might come in – so don’t worry because nothing will slip through the cracks with your lawyer backing you up.

Installment Agreements

If you can’t afford to make all of your tax payments immediately in a lump sum, you should consider asking for (and hopefully receiving) an IRS payment plan. A tax attorney can ensure that your payment plan meets your needs and will repay the government.

Penalty Relief

Business and personal situations change over time, affecting your overall tax liability. Hence, it’s vital to seek out the services of a certified tax attorney who can help you identify any potential penalty tax relief opportunities that may be applicable depending on your needs. 

Various reasons are there to hire a law attorney for your needs. If you don’t want to risk your business and hard-earned money due to tax laws, get the support of wise people like IRS attorneys by your side. They can guide you from bankruptcy to IRS debt to penalty relief in most scenarios.

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