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How to Follow Construction Laws When Building in Utah

— July 29, 2022

Every day there are more and more home buyers looking for a great place to live, and contractors are the people who make it happen.

Construction law refers to any laws involving the construction of a building, whether residential or commercial, public or private. Laws can vary between cities, states, and countries so contractors must be familiar with their local construction laws. For contractors, it can be easy to get caught up in the details of a new project and potentially gloss over small details within statutes and laws that can affect the project at hand. Before breaking ground on a new building, contractors should make sure to meet with a construction attorney, brush up on the laws that may come into play, and be familiar with the contract for the project. Here are a few of the most important steps to take to ensure contractors are prepared.

Meet With a Construction Lawyer

When building new construction townhomes Salt Lake City, contractors may have questions about local ordinances. It is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure that their work is up to code and in accordance with all local laws. This is especially important when signing on for a new project, as the contractor must ensure that they have the tools and ability to complete the specifics of the project.

Having a lawyer on the contractor’s side will help to achieve the project faster and without mistakes that could accidentally land the contractor in legal trouble. If an issue does arise, the construction lawyer will already be familiar with the details of the project and will fight for the contractor. Having legal assistance available in a timely manner will help avoid any issues that could derail the completion of the building. When seeking a construction lawyer, contractors must do their research and make sure that the lawyer has a great reputation and track record.

Make Sure The Contract is Complete

Graphic of man signing contract; image by Mohamed Hassan, via
Graphic of man signing contract; image by Mohamed Hassan, via

Ensuring that the contract has been drafted with all the necessary details and is suitable for all parties is of vital importance. The contract ensures that the contractor agrees to comply with all regulations and therefore the project will pass all inspections. It also serves as an agreement that the contractor is compensated properly and is not expected to do work outside of the scope of their duties as laid out in the contract.  The contract will also state that the work is to be completed within the agreed schedule. Delayed completion is one of the most common issues to arise in construction, and therefore it is of the utmost importance to have a good construction lawyer at the ready to help with issues that arise.

Additional contracts must be drafted between the contractor and any subcontractors to make sure that all components of the project are completed according to plans and on time. A good construction attorney can draft up all of the necessary contracts and be thorough so that there aren’t any pieces of information missing.

Stick to the Plan

When construction is underway, time is of the essence. In order to complete the project within budget and on time, stick to the agreed plans laid out within the contract. Plan well before the project begins so that all subcontractors and suppliers are aware of their role in the project and can complete their work on time as well. It’s essential to keep in mind that just one oversight or error is enough for a contractor to land themselves in legal trouble, which anyone would rather avoid. A construction lawyer and a thorough plan will help the contractor to anticipate and avoid any mishaps.

Every day there are more and more home buyers looking for a great place to live, and contractors are the people who make it happen. It can’t be overstated that contractors and construction workers play a pivotal role in the current housing market. Contractors must abide by the law and seek legal counsel to make sure that the building process goes smoothly and beautiful new houses come onto the market, continuing to make Utah a wonderful place to live.

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