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How to Have an Eco-friendly Business

— September 24, 2021

The first step is the hardest, but you must start from somewhere in order to make a difference.

Making your business go green is beneficial for both the environment and your company. The more eco-friendly the workplace, the healthier the planet and productive the working environment. Even though many companies have turned to renewable resources, there’s not enough business that will help save the planet with their practice.

Nevertheless, you could be the next in line to help the environment, with a couple of easy and affordable eco-friendly practices you’ll introduce to your business. Popular software companies, large and small, are among those who first demonstrate the importance of focusing on green initiatives and sustainability, and here are some tips on how your business could do the same.

Opt for Post-consumer Waste

If you can reduce the paper use to the minimum, do so. Moreover, the best solution would be to cut the use of paper entirely. However, most businesses can’t accept this idea, so turning to eco-friendly paper is a great alternative. PCW paper is made from the paper that you toss away in the trash. The production of this paper requires 45% less energy than the traditional paper, which is a huge benefit. What’s more, during the process of PCW making, 50% less waste is created unlike during the manufacture of a regular paper.


Image by Sigmund, via
Image by Sigmund, via

Use every opportunity to recycle. Put the bins in all the offices and break rooms, so that everyone can recycle paper, plastics, and cans. What’s more, go a step further and buy used or vintage furniture for the office. Search the Internet, and instead of buying a brand new expensive furniture, opt for an affordable vintage one.

Alternative Energy

Turning to renewable energy sources is one of the best ways to make your business eco-friendly. Wind and solar power alongside hydropower, geothermal and plant matter will perfectly generate green power and your business will still be able to advance perfectly. If you’re planning to build a new company building make sure you hire experts in geotechnical engineering that will help you make the edifice perfect, and install the solar panels immediately to start helping the planet.

Biodegradable Products

Using biodegradable toners, for example, is beneficial for both the planet and the health of employees. They’re less toxic than regular toners, so be sure to opt for those. What’s more, hazardous toxins from numerous chemicals including soaps, detergents, and cleaning liquids should also be avoided if you only switched to eco-friendly ones. Spare your employees the toxic fumes, and buy biodegradable products.

Change the Ways of Transportation

Forget about driving your car to work. The pollution in large cities is disturbing, so you should find alternative transportation to your work. The same should apply to your employees. Public transport is a great option. Buses and subways will transport you safely and quickly from your home to the office. Additionally, riding a bicycle to work would be an excellent alternative. Not only will you spare the planet the toxic gas, but you’ll become more active and get into shape with this fantastic activity. You won’t have to wait for hours in endless lines, you can easily circulate through the crowd, and save yourself the everyday traffic stress. However, if you have to commute and these alternative transportations won’t get you fast enough to the office, then opt for a hybrid vehicle.

The first step is the hardest, but you must start from somewhere in order to make a difference. Try to be the one who will start saving our planet, and motivate others to do the same. Therefore, turn to alternative energy sources, recycle, use eco-friendly transportation, opt for biodegradable products and be kind to the planet. There is nothing more important than life. However, if we don’t take care of our planet, its lifetime might not be as long as we thought it would.

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