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How to Make Marijuana Tea

— December 18, 2019

People may be more inclined toward weed tea than different edibles since the tea doesn’t include all the sugar and greasy fixings that are in cannabis-injected baked goods.

Marijuana tea refers to tea produced using marijuana. As more states have made marijuana use legal, there is interest in how to safely use it. Cannabis tea works simply like any other edible. The main genuine contrast is that it comes in fluid form. 

People may be more inclined toward weed tea than different edibles since the tea doesn’t include all the sugar and greasy fixings that are in cannabis-injected baked goods. It additionally tenders a fun chance to put your chef cap on and explore different avenues regarding different sorts of edibles. Whatever your reason, weed tea is a viable method for conveying cannabinoids (such as CBD & THC) into your system and will give a potent and ongoing high. 

Marijuana Tea: Preparation, Instruction, Ingredients & Equipment

Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 25 minutes


Marijuana tea (medium strength) 

2 cups of water 

1/2 gram pot flowers/buds 

1/2 tsp butter 

1 tsp sugar/honey (optional for flavor; can also use a teabag of favorite flavored tea) 


Medium pot 





In a bowl, mix the marijuana & butter together, until the marijuana is covered with a fine layer of butter. 

In a medium pot, bring water to a boil and delicately spoon in the weed butter blend. Scrape the sides of the bud/butter bowl to catch all the ground bits of cannabis. 

Hold the water to a slow boil & mix the blend delicately for around 30 mins while the tea mixes. 

Strain the blend through the cheesecloth and let it cool for a couple of minutes. Include sugar or honey for taste, and appreciate the infusion! 


It’s essential to be aware of the measure of weed you are including to your tea, as high or exceptionally low amounts of it can either have acute well-being implications or no impact whatsoever. 

Benefits & Possible Side Effects of Long Term Drinking Cannabis Tea 


Contingent upon how regularly you drink your tea, you will doubtlessly start to feel certain advantages. Therapeutic marijuana has at long last picked up the acknowledgment it merits (however, unfortunately, not in all the world’s nations), and drinking tea is a lot more beneficial option in contrast to smoking, for example. Here’s a rundown of conditions that can be helped with normal tea drinking. 

Chronic pain treatment 



Recuperation process 

Uneasiness & depression 

Treating addiction(s) 

A sleeping disorder 


Alzheimer’s & dementia 

Potential Side Effects 

The tea can have various side effects, much the same as a wide range of cannabis items. One could encounter queasiness, discombobulation, weakness, hunger, disarray and so on. In any case, we can say the constructive outcomes of cannabis tea exceed any antagonistic impacts for some individuals.

As basic as it might sound, the main objective of making weed tea is to acquire cannabinoids (as THC & CBD) into your system. If you make it right, cannabis tea tastes simply like some other tea; but, since it’s made with cannabis, it will provide you the vitality you have to get past harsh mornings and take you to rest in the wake of wearing days. 

Weed tea has twice the impact when joined with some scrumptious & delectable weed brownies or weed cookies. The impacts of marijuana-infused tea, for the most part, show gradually. Individuals report that they more often than not begin encountering an impact 30 to 60 mins subsequent to drinking it. Nonetheless, this depends additionally on your digestion, the strength of cannabis utilized to make the tea, your THC resilience levels, and different variables. 

Main Mistakes When Making Weed Tea 

There’s a distinction between nuking a teabag & brewing a genuine cup of tea at home—stay away from these slip-ups when moving up to the genuine thing. 

  • Over-or under-steeping 
  • Including too many ingredients 
  • Using poor quality water 
  • Microwaving 

Medicating & Dosing Marijuana Tea

As marijuana tea is essentially a medication, there are doses and cutoff points. Too much will leave you excessively inebriated and is something you ought to avoid. In case you take too low a portion, odds are that it probably won’t fill the ideal need. 

There is no normal portion for recreational marijuana tea. It changes from strain to strain just as your preparation. In this way, in case you are an apprentice, you will need to go moderate. Begin with low dosages as you amplify the amount until you obtain to your ideal level. A prescribed beginning stage is 125ml at that point, work your way up. 

Therapeutic marijuana, then again, is extremely simple since you will have a prescription. This spares you time and difficulties. In contrast to typical tea, you can’t take three or four cups every day; one will do, and two may be excessive. 

Top 3 Cannabis Strains for Tea

Selective focus photography of cannabis sativa plant; image by Robert Nelson, via
Selective focus photography of cannabis sativa plant; image by Robert Nelson, via

Cannabis strains are either unadulterated or hybrid assortments of the Cannabis plant genus, which includes the species C. ruderalis, C. indica, as well as C. Sativa. Every strain of cannabis conveys an exclusive flavor profile and scope of impact, which is just intensified by plant hereditary qualities and developing situations. The three top strains are:

  • Lilac Diesel 
  • Scooby Snacks 
  • Purple Punch 

Can You Get High with Weed Tea? 

The level of getting high relies upon a few parameters, for example, THC level in the object you took, your mental state at the time, and how you respond to weed. Then again, various methods for taking THC all work well. As said, bringing it into your stomach keeps you higher for a more drawn out time. Drink it on a for the most part empty stomach, as you would do with all edibles. It will take from 30 minutes to two or three hours to kick in, depending on the person. There will be a lot of time to eat later. 


Bringing forth all the potential influences to one’s wellbeing, it appears cannabis tea and not ambrosia was the beverage of the divine beings. Simply set up a cup, and you’ll see with your own eyes.

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