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McKeen & Associates Files 39 Cases Against Pain Center Doctors

— December 18, 2019

Former patients and families sue negligent clinic doctors for excessive pain medication prescriptions and unnecessary treatments.

McKeen & Associates announced it has filed 39 cases against physicians involved in the now closed Pain Center USA , and Interventional Pain Center, of Warren. 

Although the physicians named in the 39 cases filed on behalf of former patients and their families differ by patient, the clinic’s head physician Rajendra Bothra is named in all. The cases involve pain patients being prescribed excessive amounts of pain medications including opiates, narcotics and benzodiazepines and undergoing unnecessary regular and numerous treatments such as steroid injections, nerve blocks and radio-frequency ablations that sometimes resulted in nerve and tissue damage. 

Besides Bothra, Drs. Ganiu Edu; Ronald Kufner; David Lewis; Christopher Russo and Eric Backos are named in the suits. 

The FBI raided and closed down the Centers last year and has indicted the above six doctors employed at the clinic. 

“Dr. Bothra and his colleagues made themselves rich on the pain of their patients and treated them with unnecessary procedures and highly addictive drugs with absolute disregard for their health and welfare,” said Brian McKeen, founder and managing partner of McKeen & Associates. “Our nation is in the throes of an opioid crisis. Regrettably there are a number of greedy and careless doctors such as these are largely responsible for this epidemic which has wreaked havoc in our families, communities and our nation. Physicians who profit from the damage done to our society through negligent opioid management, should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

McKeen & Associates logo; image from press release.
McKeen & Associates logo; image from press release.

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