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How to Make Money with 3D Printers

— May 4, 2021

There is no better time to earn cash with your 3D printer machine.

With the technological advancements, we are heading towards more evolved ideas for businesses. Three Dimensional Printing (3D Printing) is the most advanced technology that utilizes the additive manufacturing method. The method produces solid 3D objects from digital files. 

The process involves placing down consecutive layers of material till the manufacturing of the solid object is complete. Each layer is visible as a cross-section of a thin-sliced object.

Three Dimensional Printing is the reverse of subtractive production that includes cutting down or hollowing any material piece and then creating a solid object with it. However, 3D printing allows the complex composition of numerous raw materials into distinct shapes. It utilizes less material in contrast to conventional production methods.

What Items Could Be Manufactured by a 3D Printer?

One of the advantages of 3D printing is the capacity to build just about anything. From toilet paper holders to chip clips, the articles one can create are limitless. A few of the most frequent objects to gain revenue with 3D printing are:

  • Articles for Gaming
  • Home decoration pieces
  • All types of jewelry articles
  • Action figures or figurines
  • Chip clips
  • Holders of all kinds, such as business card holders or keychain holders
  • Accessories for every device
  • Planters and pots
  • Combs
  • Bottle openers
  • Coasters
  • Camera sliders
  • Crockery articles like measuring spoons
  • Paper trays
  • All type of standard tools like screwdrivers 
  • Bottles or water jugs

The list is long and does not end here!

How to Earn Money with a 3D Printer?

Irene at Ekocycle says that a 3D printer is an income-generating asset and having a 3D printer is similar to real estate, stocks, or one’s knowledge and experience. Several ways are available to earn income and revenue from 3D printers. Once we buy the marvelous machine, one can print multiple distinct articles to rent, sell, or save for personal use. We have sorted out a few of the best ideas to earn profit with a 3D printer.

Earn Money by Renting 3D Printer

As suggested above, a 3D printer can take its owner to anyplace from $10 to well over $10,000. One can have an excellent profit from Three Dimensional Printers by renting them to others who need it but do not have the cash to buy it. In this way, both will get the benefit, the owner and recipient. There are many ways to rent out your 3D printers, such as posting an ad in the local newspapers, on social media, or the cheapest way is to spread by word of mouth!

After posting an ad, many people will contact you for rentals. The procedure is simple. You have to make a detailed contract with all your terms and conditions. These should specify all respective details, so one can be safe from or avoid any inconveniences later. The essential clause is to add the contact timeline, like when the renter returns your 3D machine. What follows if the printing machine broke during the renting period? And, of course, the amount of rent per month. Do consider that the rent varies with the printer model, so make the deal and charge accordingly!

Create Prototypes

Image by Tom Claes, via
Image by Tom Claes, via

3D printers are the best machines to make prototypes. Numerous investors and entrepreneurs want prototypes for potential products. And in the initial stages of any business, prototype manufacturing is the most significant. 3D printing prototypes is a big plus in growing a prosperous company as, traditional methods needed enormous financing or running with a firm. For smooth printing, you can use a resin 3D printer. For a list of best resin 3D printers you can check out this list at Ekocycle.

Alternatively, you can offer various new ventures to build prototypes for them. It is the most revenue-generating idea to charge an hourly rate for your three-dimensional printing consultation. Or, you can charge an additional price for the merchandise you will be printing depending on the complexity of the article.

It is also a fact that due to the boom of three-dimensional composition and printing, several service providers charge odd prices. The technique is high-profit gaining, but in the shorter-term, because many people in the market are offering different prices for their services. So, do not run for high profits, instead charge fairly. Constructing prototypes can be a preeminent way to earn currency with a 3D printer because it is a significant step for every business to create an actual and solid product.

Begin a 3D Printing Facility Service

People might require merchandise created with a 3D printer for various reasons. It is high time for any 3D printing service. One can ponder beginning service to print stock on demand for sale.

While costing, it is significant to consider few things, such as the fee should vary as per the complexity of the products and articles. Also, consider the time consumed in making the design while charging the fee. By beginning a print-on-demand facility or business, earning revenue with 3D printing can be a draft of profit!

Build and Market Products to Earn Money

Because 3D printing technology is so versatile, one can produce personalized products and sell them online. These articles include tennis rackets, eyeglasses, gaming figurines, and various other commodities that can be delivered with your 3D printer machine hence, providing you a path to earn some dollars.

After creating personalized articles, one can advertise them on various digital or online platforms for sale. Some profitable e-commerce websites are Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Another opportunity that one could think of is building their own online store and selling their personalized products. Both ways, selling your crafted products is an exceptional idea to make added income.

Take Away

It is easy to earn income from 3D printing. There are different methods by which one can monetize creations via a 3D printer machine. Some ways are easier and potential for beginners and newbies. Various options from designing and crafting stock to trade online, rental contracts for your 3D printer machine, teaching its techniques, and beginning a 3D printing service are available. There is no better time to earn cash with your 3D printer machine. The best thing about 3D printing is that anyone at any age can begin making profits.

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