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How to Pick a Good Sleeping Recliner?

— May 5, 2021

Assure that you choose a reclining chair that suits your living space, and more significantly, your body shape.

Due to the hustle-bustle of our busy lives, we all come home tired and drained. After a hectic day at work, no one can deny the truth that a comfortable recliner is a much-needed way to relax back muscles or fall asleep while enjoying music, watching TV, or just surfing cell phones. 

For the elders and people with chronic back pain, recliners are the most comfortable choice to sprawl down. Therefore, Medical Home Improvement helped us create this guide on how to select the best recliners for relaxing and sleeping. Let’s dig into it.

Check the Size of the Sleeping Recliner Chairs

The market has a tremendous variety of many recliner sizes and shapes. Also, recliners can get customized as per the user’s needs. Therefore, they can fit the user’s required weight, shape, health demands, and living place.

It is best to choose a recliner seat that has the precise height, depth, and width. Additionally, it is essential to consider the back, and bespoke arms are another significant factor to consider before buying a recliner. A perfect recliner with accurate dimensions is the one that provides the users an enjoyable and relaxing reclining experience. Now the question arises, how to find our body size? Do not worry! We have made a perfect size guide for you.

  • First, sit on the recliner. Check whether your head sits perfectly om the top cushion of the recliner. 
  • There should be no gap between your lower torso and chair.
  • Do check that your thighs are in a horizontal position and your weight spread evenly on the recliner.
  • Between the knees, there should be a very small or no gap at all. 
  • When resting on the recliner (non-reclined), your foot sole should be flat on the ground. If the recliner seat is too high, the feet will not touch the ground, and it will cause stiffness and pressure on the back muscles that will worsen the back pain. Moreover, if the seat is too low, it will not support the legs, and pressure will exert on the thighs and the back that again leads to muscle ache.
  • If you do not get the idea about your precise dimensions, you can request a qualified company spokesperson for assistance.

For the ideal reclining seat, its width should be perfect as well. Too narrow can induce a squeezing feeling, while too broad seat width will not support the torso and ultimately leads to fatigue. Another significant factor is recliner seat depth. It should not sink the user because it will exert pressure on the spine. And the seat should not be too stiff, or the user will not get relaxed.

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Select the Right Kind of Recliner Chair

There are several varieties of recliner chairs, and every chair has a distinct purpose. Some are beneficial for people with medical problems, such as limited mobility or back pain. However, some recliners are specific for elders. Such recliners aid their posture and proffer comfort after a tiresome task. Other than standard recliners, there are electric and advanced options available on the market. The right kind of recliner provides a relaxing feel to the legs and back muscles.


It is a fact that price is the major constraint for many of us while buying such items. But it is the golden rule that one should never select cheap recliner chairs. The product with low cost is also weak in quality; such chairs do not last long. Along with that, a low-cost recliner will not extend you the benefits that a high-end product will provide. The expensive recliner chairs are famous for their high comfort levels, durability, increased health benefits, reliability, and more fashionable appearance. Purchasing a reclining chair is a long-term investment, so spend wisely.

Analyze Your Needs and Prioritize Them

It is the most crucial part before buying any product. Everyone has different needs when it comes to recliners. It is the best practice to evaluate the most needed features and then decide to buy accordingly. 

The lay-flat recliners have lots of diverse and advanced features, so it is good to list down: what is necessary? And what are extra luxuries for you? It needs some time and analysis before going out to select the best recliner chair for you.

People with medical problems have different needs from those who are fit. A few factors may be crucial for people with medical issues, for instance, easy-care fabric, a massager to diminish muscle tightness or rollers/wheels for easy movement around the space.

One of the various features is the wooden knuckles that offer extra comfort and support when getting out and in the reclining chair. You can also go for more stylish recliner chairs by selecting the various back style that complies with your living space, body shape, and any related health concerns.

Advanced Features

Some people like some advanced features like USB chargers or other electrical facilities in their recliners. There is a piece of good news for them that recliner chairs come with such options as well. The recliners with built-in USB chargers make life much easier. The heating feature is another value-added feature for people who like a warm and cozy feeling while sprawling. Warmness is also beneficial for back pain as it reduces muscle fatigue by relaxing them gently.

Bottom Line

After reading our recliner buying guide, we are sure you will get the perfect recliner chair for you; one that can render very high levels of comfort, assistance, relaxation, and happiness. Among the plethora of choices available in the market, before purchasing the dream recliner chair, start by creating a list of what you need from a reclining sleep chair. And what other added lavishness you like to include. Assure that you choose a reclining chair that suits your living space, and more significantly, your body shape. Do check all dimensions of the recliner chair. Hence, do try before buy!

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