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The Value of the Right Working Place

— May 5, 2021

The value of a workplace can only be realized when you put in the effort to ensure that your employees are happy and content.

Nothing is more fulfilling for employees than being in the right working place. A good working environment fosters excellence and productivity by being supportive, efficient, and healthy. It is a space that provides employees with a chance to learn and grow. An unhealthy workspace, on the other hand, can be detrimental to employees’ mental and physical health.

How can you create the right working place, and what is the value of creating such a space?

Creating a Healthy Working place

To create a healthy workspace, you need to:

  • Create a happy workplace through regular team-building activities. Encourage employees to socialize with one another even outside of work to create one big family.
  • Physical environment and occupational health & safety: Simple things such as ensuring that your office has great lighting so that your employees do not over-strain their eyes, or using HVAC equipment to maintain the air conditioning. Where necessary, ensure that employees have PPE to protect them from contracting viruses such as COVID-19. Ensure that all employees who could be exposed to harmful gases, falling objects, and other workplace hazards are well protected with the latest protective gear.
  • Supportive workplace: For example, you can encourage your staff to take walks during break-time or when work gets overwhelming. Support them to grow personally by encouraging a healthy work-life balance at the workplace.
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle: You can install a gym in the office to help your staff get fit as they work.

What is the value of a healthy workplace? A healthy workspace will also promote productivity which will boost your business.

Four men playing table tennis; image by Proxyclick Visitor Management System, via
Four men playing table tennis; image by Proxyclick Visitor Management System, via

Co-working Spaces: Connections, Collaboration, and Innovation

If you operate a business in Denver, you can rent space in a coworking space in Denver where your employees can go to work, collaborate, innovate, and create business connections. Business people, professionals, and corporate leaders from all over the world meet at such spaces whenever they visit Denver on work-related vacations. Meeting with industry leaders helps employees to grow their professional networks. Working in coworking spaces also encourages collaboration and innovation since people in the same industry but different companies get a chance to work as a community, share ideas, and brainstorm. 

What value can your company get from this working arrangement?

Through collaboration and networking, your employees will gain the much-needed expertise to help your business compete at the highest level. Coworking is also a way of encouraging flexible working, job satisfaction, and healthy work-life balance, the three key things that top talents consider before agreeing to work for a company.  

Supporting Employee Career Advancement

The right workplace is a workplace that supports the career development of all employees. It is a workspace where employers enhance employees’ career progression via virtual training and learning. It is where senior employees and bosses mentor young talents through job shadowing. It is a space where a culture of role rotation is encouraged to give each employee an all-around experience.

What is the value of supporting employees’ career advancement to a company?

Well, a company is only as successful as its employees. When you build a team of versatile employees, when the talents of each employee are optimally explored and utilized, you will always have someone to step in and step up. You will always have knowledgeable and highly motivated team members to drive your company agenda. With role rotation, you get to test employees’ adaptability to new settings or bosses, and a way of exploring employees’ hidden talents. What’s more, employees that can adapt to any situation are easier to retrain and re-instruct when the industry or company projections change.

Fairness in the workplace

A right workplace fosters the value of fairness by recognizing employees who excel in their work. Employees get fair remuneration – health insurance covers and allowances included. New moms get reasonably paid leaves to nurse their babies. Fairness in the workplace also means promoting employees who show potential as opposed to hiring ready-made business executives from other companies.

What is the value of a fair workplace?

According to research, employees who feel like they are treated fairly trust their employers more, love their job, and are more dedicated to their work. 


The value of a workplace can only be realized when you put in the effort to ensure that your employees are happy and content. Focus on boosting workforce morale and positive work culture in the office to increase productivity and, consequently, revenue.

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