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How to Prove Wrongful Termination After Reporting Sexual Harassment in Raleigh

— June 10, 2022

They are not allowed to terminate you for reporting sexual harassment, as this constitutes retaliation and is therefore illegal.

When employers hear that one of their employees has experienced sexual harassment, they have a legal obligation to investigate these claims and take appropriate action. Unfortunately, many employers do the exact opposite and completely disregard these valid complaints. Worse still, some employers in North Carolina prefer to deal with the problem by firing employees who report sexual harassment. In their minds, this is the best way to sweep the issue under the rug and pretend that it never happened. If you have experienced this type of wrongful termination, you should know that your rights as an employee have been violated. 

Fortunately, you can fight for your rights effectively by getting in touch with a qualified, experienced sexual harassment attorney in North Carolina. These legal professionals can guide you towards a positive legal outcome in an efficient manner. With their help, you can hold your employer accountable and sue them in a civil court for sexual harassment and retaliation. If you win your lawsuit, you can recover a considerable settlement for everything you’ve been forced to endure. But how exactly do you win a lawsuit of this nature? Perhaps most importantly, you will need to prove that you were wrongfully terminated. 

Attacking Your Reason for Termination

As a legal employee in the United States, your employer must provide a valid reason for terminating you. [Editor’s note: This may not be true in at-will employment states.] Obviously, they are not allowed to terminate you for reporting sexual harassment, as this constitutes retaliation and is therefore illegal. Instead, they will need to provide a false reason for termination in order to avoid legal consequences. Your goal is to attack this false excuse and show the court that it doesn’t make sense.

Gavel; photo by Sora Shimazaki from
Gavel; photo by Sora Shimazaki from

For example, your employer might have stated that you frequently showed up late for work. Proving that this excuse is false may be as simple as showing the court your timesheets. These timesheets may prove that you actually showed up on time every single day. Or perhaps your employer is claiming that your job performance was extremely low. In this case, you can obtain performance reviews that show that the opposite is actually true. 

The Burden of Truth

Remember, the burden of proof is on you as the employee. Simply claiming that you were fired for reporting sexual harassment will not be enough, as you need evidence to back up your claims if you are accusing someone of a crime. As the old adage goes, “innocent until proven guilty.” This is why it’s so important to work with a reliable, competent attorney. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’re ready to hold your employer in Raleigh accountable for sexual harassment and retaliation, get in touch with a qualified attorney today. For best results, connect with a legal professional who is well-versed in employment law, civil rights, and other relevant practice areas. These attorneys can ensure that your employer experiences genuine legal consequences for their misconduct. In addition, they can make sure you get the settlement you need and deserve. Book your consultation today. 

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