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How to Start an Online Delta-8 Business

— September 1, 2021

It would be best to get a resale license if you plan to get your products from wholesalers. Resale and business licenses and permits are handled at the state level and can differ from state to state. Look at your state’s requirements and take action accordingly. 

Society is increasingly becoming more broad-minded about Delta-8, and many people are consuming it. Its various beneficial properties like pain relief, better sleep, stress management, etc., make it a popular buy.

If you want to contribute to this fast-growing industry and earn profits, here are the things you need to know before starting a Delta-8 business online. 

What is Delta-8?

As a cannabis compound, Delta-8 has become celebrated due to its similarity to Delta-9 THC, the primary compound that gets you high. Its symptoms include ecstasy, sedation, happiness, relief, etc. 

There are a lot of similarities between the two cannabinoids. Delta-9 is the more intense version of Delta-8 THC. 

Steps for Starting an Online Delta-8 Business

Inferring from the rising in Delta-8, it is here to stay. And if you’re interested in discovering this business, below are the primary steps you need to follow to start a Delta-8 business online. 

  1. Identify the Products 

The CBD market is continuously introducing new products. Here are some product types you would want to consider before starting a Delta-8 Business. 

  • Edibles 

It is a broadening sector of the market. Edibles include candies, foods, and baked goods. They have faced careful consideration from the United States Food and Drug Administration but remain widely sold products. 

  • Sublingual Tinctures

Sublingual tincture means oil that comes in a small bottle with a dropper. These products are consumed by placing them under your tongue and letting the oil get absorbed. 

  • Vape Concentrates 

Vaporizer concentrates, like waxes and oils, are another type of product. An electronic device can vaporize them before you inhale the Delta-8 product. 

  1. Know the Legalities 

The legality of Delta-8 is on the fence. Delta-8 THC can be extracted from either cannabis or hemp. Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, you can legally grow hemp and use it for derivations in the US. This makes Delta-8 THC legal in places where Delta-9 is illegal (not always). 

Almost all the Delta-8 THC sold today is manufactured from CBD derived from hemp. This makes it a part of the legal chain of origin if we’re considering federal laws. Some states have taken action against Delta-8 THC. So, you must consider the state laws of where you live before starting a business.

  1. Make a Business Plan 

A business plan is a pretty obvious step. Business plans will help you stay on top of changing policies, operational priorities that conflict, and market demand in the Delta-8 industry. Your financial investors and stakeholders will want to see your business plan as well. 

Here are some steps to help you make one. 

  • Begin with Market Analysis 

A market analysis will supply you with information about the industry’s size, customers, opponents, and other variables. You can make well-informed decisions about product positioning, market strategy, and pricing. 

  • Name Your Brand and Decide Your Product Range 

Briefly describe your brand name, assets, targeted Delta-8 niches, and product range to help you distinguish yourself from your competition. 

  • Financing 

Determine how much money you will need for operations and add some extra for ‘unexpected’ expenses. Look at how much time and how many sales you need to break even every month. 

  • An Accurate Marketing Plan 

A marketing plan will describe your strategies to grow awareness about the brand, getting customers, and fostering repeat purchases. The document should be realistic, specific to the channel, and backed by data. 

  1. Obtain a License 

For selling Delta-8, you require a pair of licenses. A business license is the first one. Generally, small businesses go for an LLC. Look up your preference at the local government website. Registration usually will be about $100 in most cases. 

It would be best to get a resale license if you plan to get your products from wholesalers. Resale and business licenses and permits are handled at the state level and can differ from state to state. Look at your state’s requirements and take action accordingly. 

  1. Get a Supplier

It would be best if you got a trusted supplier to give you high-quality products that not only have been tested at a third-party lab but are also organic. If you’re planning to sell nationwide, make sure you sell Delta-8 derived from hemp.

You need to look at some other requirements before deciding upon your supplier, making sure you are well-researched before you choose. 

Example: Exhale Wellness, one of the top companies in the industry, supplies wholesale Delta-8 products. With over 20 years in the cannabis industry, the team at Exhale produces potent, natural Delta-8. They don’t use artificial flavor, preservatives, gluten, or GMOs. 

  1. Build Your Website

    Storyboard for a website; image by Hal Gatewood, via
    Storyboard for a website; image by Hal Gatewood, via

You might reduce the website development timeline by opting for an eCommerce platform, custom development, or over open-source eCommerce tools. The solution provider will handle infrastructure, hosting, and the ‘jazz.’ You need to work on your products list and store design.

You can do the following.

  • Customize your design
  • List the products and their descriptions
  • Add photos of products
  1. Decide Shipping and Payment Terms 

You will require a system for warehousing and managing inventory after a point in time. You can initially do it at home, but you will want to expand to a fulfillment center after growth. 

Shipping is an essential aspect of eCommerce, and you can’t afford to let down your customers. Plan the following.

  • A threshold for free shipping 
  • Offering a variable fee
  • Feasible delivery timeline
  • Your logistics carrier 
  1. Market 

After you’re operational, you’ll need to promote your company. You will require a strong marketing strategy for your company, and here are some tips. 

  • Focus on content to educate potential buyers 
  • Dominate search engine results 
  • Ask influencers to promote your products 
  • Start a blog to provide buyers with the latest updates


Now that you’ve got a brief idea of how to start an online Delta-8 business — start working! Ensure that you research the industry well before jumping in and regretting your decision. This fast-growing industry has a scope of reaching the top in just a few years.

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