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How Will a Criminal Lawyer Help You?

— January 28, 2020

Criminal defence lawyers play many roles, from zealous advocate to investigator.

A criminal lawyer will not only speak on behalf of the client, but his responsibilities are much beyond just that. He plays various roles in defending his client who has been charged with a criminal offence. In this article, let us find out more about his roles and what to expect. 

  1. Taking up the case

You can either hire the services of one directly, or a criminal defence lawyer will be assigned to you by the court. If the lawyer is a public defender, the fees will be paid by the defender’s office. Alternatively, there are private firms too that will assign the case and pay for the same. However, many lawyers practice on their own and have independent offices where they can take up the case directly from you.

  1. Getting into the details of the case

The lawyer will hear you out and get as many details as he can about the case. By doing so, he will not only get an insight into the strengths of the case but also the loopholes or the negative aspects of the same. Getting a clear picture helps him to prepare his defences.

  1. Investigating 

This phase of the case will be to find out the various avenues that can help in defending the client. Some of the procedures that this phase includes are interrogating the police about the parallel and appropriate measures that can be taken. Remember, the Brisbane criminal lawyers have to work in tandem with the police force. The lawyer will also talk to witnesses and collect information related to the scene of the crime and relevant details. One of the main tasks of the witnesses is to provide the correct information as far as giving testimony is concerned.

Handcuffs and key sitting on fingerprint card; image by Bill Oxford, via
Handcuffs and key sitting on fingerprint card; image by Bill Oxford, via
  1. Analysing evidence

Facts and various theories related to the case has to be assessed. In this regard, analysis both for and against the case is taken into account for working out better measures to help the client. 

  1. Relaying information

The criminal lawyer in Brisbane has to be in constant touch with the client and convey any development or information that he gets related to the case. This is important as the client is able to ascertain the probable outcome of the case and how it is proceeding. Also, the information between the client and the lawyer must be kept confidential, unless otherwise stated. 

  1. Plea bargain

Aside from jury selection, the criminal defence lawyer must be in touch with the prosecutor about the status of the case. He must negotiate with the prosecutor for any bargain plea. The main aim of this step is to ensure that the punishment is as minimum as possible, regardless of whether it is for reducing the charges or degree of punishment. 

Trial arguments comprise examining witnesses and cross-examining them and convincing the jury are other roles that a criminal defence lawyer plays.

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