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A Humorous Introduction to 2AS

— December 14, 2022

Their fine American-made apparel will let you make no secret of the fact that you cherish your freedom and will defend it tooth and nail if need be.

Do you love flags? Do you love T-shirts? Do you love America and your God-given right to bear arms? Then put down your glass of orange juice and continue reading. We’re about to change your life. is without question the world’s greatest online ammunition retailer, but the website also offers historic American flags. is an equally great online clothing store, with a wide selection of unparalleled pro-Second Amendment T-shirts.

“How could life get any better?” You are certainly asking yourself this question if you are only just learning about and Libertas Bella for the first time. The answer to that question is so astounding that you will be glad you already put down your orange juice: (2AS).

What can you expect to find on this remarkable website? Everything you could possibly want, so long as you only want historic American flags and pro-Second Amendment T-shirts! has T-shirts. Do you believe that the Second Amendment is the greatest protection against government tyranny ever devised by man? Does the phrase “Over my dead body!” immediately spring to your mind whenever some villain says they want to violate your rights? Then molon labe, brother – 2AS has your T-shirts in stock. Their fine American-made apparel will let you make no secret of the fact that you cherish your freedom and will defend it tooth and nail if need be. has American flags. Not Old Glory herself, but all the other magnificent banners great men fought and died under while making America the greatest country the world will ever know. If Betsy Ross, Come and Take It, Gadsden, Bennington and Moultrie stir up feelings of pride in your patriotic heart, then our flags will complete your home and its walls.

American flag; image by D. William, via
American flag; image by D. William, via

We must issue a trigger warning: Wearing a T-shirt or displaying a flag from will most likely anger leftists. If you want to coddle collectivists’ fragile sensibilities by keeping your extremely correct opinions to yourself, then the outstanding pro-freedom, pro-America, and pro-2A merchandise available for sale at is not for you. But if your pride in your country and love for freedom outweigh your desire to maintain a low profile, then your heart, brain, and soul are all too big for you not to visit and order a copious amount of merchandise.

Still not convinced that is right for you? Then read this authentic customer testimonial:

My life was unbearable before I ordered high-quality merchandise from My wife recently left me, I had just gotten fired from my job, I was losing my hair, and I lived in a cardboard box in a sewer. That all began to change just minutes after ordering one T-shirt and one flag. My new wife is much prettier than my previous one. I make $3 million a year despite working only 10 minutes a day from my new home on my own private island. My hair has even grown back thicker than it was before. Thank you, – you have saved my life!

– Curtis L. Spackleton, Pine Nut, Alabama

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