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Impact of Education Digitization

— August 5, 2020

Digitization has revolutionized the education system but has not lowered the value of education.

Digitization of the education sector helps to improve the skills of the teachers and students. They have a common goal to engage and have an active learning process. The traditional model of learning has a uniform approach, with digital education and e-learning, there are different customized tools. It helps in molding each student in terms of his or her understanding, interest, and capability. 

It is possible to get help when it comes to a time to do my assignment, and some experts will deliver assignments on time at a subsidized cost. Schools need to adapt to a dynamic technological approach to benefit from meaningful learning. Digitization of education needs to start from the root level, from the rural and semi-urban areas. This plan will help in eliminating illiteracy, poor quality education, and high dropouts. 

There are various effects of digitizing education:

  • It enhances self-study. It brings about personalized leaning since students have a choice for the digital devices they prefer. It is easier to cater to students’ needs by knowing their weaknesses, potential, learning pace, and strength. It opens up communication channels and enables the students to pay attention and track their progress. It is possible to know their coursework and the areas to improve.
  • Digital education offers access to higher education. It helps the students who could not afford education expenses, such as students living in remote areas. Students will be able to access learning online when they want to learn at their own pace.
  • There is a better and improved understanding through digital education. Virtual reality tools and videos are accessible; they can be used to assist with e-learning platforms and devices for study materials.

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  • The digital education enables students to handle their courses on the same platform for students from different schools, colleges, and regions. There is the development of an integrated solution for all educational needs. Students have the opportunity to access online exams, online coursed, e-notes, quizzes, and digital textbooks. This plan helps in improving the quality of education for all students. 
  • The online resources enhance the connection between students and their tutors. There has been an influx in the number of students; with online resources, it is possible to develop a relationship between students and educators. It helps in improving the quality of education and recovers on the number of literate students. 
  • Online education can only be possible with the presence of the internet, where students can have online quizzes and exams. Digital training enhances administrative activities in school. Different digital systems bring about different online education approaches. Maintaining students’ attendance and records can be challenging, but with computerized strategies and methods, it will ease the process.
  • It will boost digital equity, which means that students can access all the learning resources at an affordable cost. With digital transformation, students can access their laptops, tablet, and smartphone. Students will be able to access all the contents in school and at home despite their economic status. It is not a requirement to visit the library to access books; you can access digital content, which is not expensive. 
  • Students have the chance to access customized experience, access to more data, and a better future. There are special programs where students can choose a course based on their past performance and aptitude. Customized learning makes education more productive.

Digitization has revolutionized the education system but has not lowered the value of education. It has upgraded the system and combined both online learning and classroom learning. It offers a support system for modern students. With the right approach, it is possible to save resources hence a boost to society and the education sector.

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