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Important Evidence in an Atlanta Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

— October 27, 2021

As long as the evidence is on your side, you have a very strong chance of achieving a positive legal outcome.

Filing a sexual harassment lawsuit can seem like a daunting task. You may be accusing high-level employees and major companies of sexual harassment, and these entities may have access to limitless funds and some of the best legal teams in the nation. Many victims choose to stay silent because they don’t believe they can win in court. However, even the most expensive attorneys cannot refute clear and obvious evidence. If you have enough damning evidence, there is virtually no way your harasser can escape legal consequences. 

Filing a sexual harassment lawsuit in Georgia also becomes much easier when you hire your own qualified, experienced attorney. Many of these legal professionals are more than capable of going up against the most effective corporate legal teams. You can depend on your attorney to present your evidence in a convincing manner, question witnesses, and represent you in court. 

The Burden of Proof

It’s important to understand that when you accuse someone of sexual harassment, the burden of proof is on you. This is due to the long-held American legal principle of “innocent until proven guilty.” It is not your harasser’s responsibility to prove their innocence. Instead, it is your responsibility to prove that they are guilty. If you cannot do this, then they are presumed innocent. This is why evidence is so important in a sexual harassment lawsuit. 

Types of Evidence in a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Sexual Harassment, Assault Lawsuit Filed Against Bloomingdale's, Exec
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There are many types of evidence that might prove helpful in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Any kind of written communication can be brought forward in court. This includes statements, reports, letters, and so on. It is also important to note that digital communications are accepted in court. This means that if you have suffered online sexual harassment, you can easily show the court emails, text messages, and other forms of digital communication that clearly show you have been harassed. You can also call upon witnesses to testify on your behalf. These might be co-workers who have witnessed your harassment. 

Get Everything in Writing

If you are in the early stages of a sexual harassment lawsuit, it’s important to get everything in writing. Make sure all of your communications with your employer are in written form. If you are reporting an instance of sexual harassment to your employer, write the report and send it to your employer. Make plenty of copies. Request that your employer replies in written form as well. All of these documents can be used as evidence in your lawsuit. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced attorney in Atlanta who specializes in sexual harassment lawsuits, there are plenty of legal professionals waiting to assist you. Team up with one of these lawyers, and you can hold guilty parties accountable for their misconduct. You can also receive a settlement for your damages. As long as the evidence is on your side, you have a very strong chance of achieving a positive legal outcome. Book your consultation today. 

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