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Important Tips for Filing a Proper Car Accident Claim

— July 28, 2022

The police should also be called if the accident is serious.

Filing a car accident claim can be more difficult than it seems. To make sure that a person is getting the most for their car accident claim, individuals should get in touch with a car accident lawyer without any delay. An accident attorney can give them proper legal tips that will speed up their case and improve their chances of getting enough compensation to help them cover all their damages.

There are certain things that individuals should avoid doing to improve their chances of filing a successful claim. Individuals should refrain from arguing with drivers and passengers once the accident takes place. When a person is aggravated, they may state something that can be used against them if they decide to file a legal claim. Drivers should try their best to remain as calm as possible and simply exchange contact information with the other party.

Another major thing to avoid after getting into an accident is signing any agreement the other party gives. Nothing should be signed until a lawyer has been consulted. Once a person signs a document it becomes very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to undo the agreement. A lot of time, money, and effort can be saved by making sure a lawyer overlooks all the paperwork first before anything is approved with a signature.

Aside from avoiding certain acts, there are certain steps that need to be taken. For instance, individuals should make sure they read their policy thoroughly. It is always better to be informed of one’s policy beforehand so all drivers should read their policy beforehand. 

The police should also be called if the accident is serious. Once they arrive, the facts should be given to them alongside ones contact information. Cooperating is essential, but individuals should refrain from talking excessively as this may result in them stating something that may be used against them.

Police vehicles on scene at accident; image by Aaron Doucett, via
Police vehicles on scene at accident; image by Aaron Doucett, via

Legal Rights According to the Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations

Drivers have a lot of rights as insurance companies are required by the law to act in good faith. Insurance companies are also required to respond to communications received right away and to acknowledge and investigate any claims they receive. If they don’t do this, the victim may have grounds to escalate matters legally and have the court enforce cooperation and compensation. 

Anyone who gets into an accident should get in touch with an attorney at Jeffery Estes Law as soon as possible to make sure they get proper legal help filing their claim.

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