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How to Increase Your Home’s Value Before Listing

— July 29, 2021

There are so many smaller renovations you can do in your kitchen alone which can have a massive impact on your sale price.

Home improvements will almost always increase the comfort and enjoyment while you’re living there. But not all projects offer the same increases in dollar value when it comes time to sell. The ROI on renovations can vary wildly based on a wide range of factors, from the current markets to the type of renovation. 

And too many customisations which suit your particular tastes can even turn some buyers away. So, to make sure you’re not wasting your money into the wrong project, here are some home renovations that appeal to the most potential buyers.

1. Bathroom

It may be a surprise to learn, but the smallest room in the house can actually have the biggest influence on potential buyers. And if you get it right, the whole bathroom renovation will pay for itself and then some. You should definitely consider updating your bathroom with a facelift. 

Brighten it up with some paint, install some new plumbing fixtures, and re-grout the shower or bathtub. Or put in a new mirror and fit some fancy light fixtures to easily transform the vibe in your bathroom. If you have enough room in the budget and space in your home, building an additional bathroom can dramatically increase the sale price and buyer appeal.

2. Exterior

First impressions matter when you’re selling, so make sure your home’s exterior and landscaping are both on point. Start out the front of your home with some fresh paint, a new door, and sweep up the leaves. All lawns need to be properly manicured, then tidy up the gardens and add a touch of colour with some shrubbery or a new flower bed. 

Many experts say that an in-ground swimming pool in the backyard can often boost a home’s resale value, especially if it’s well maintained. And to really wow potential buyers, create a space for entertaining around the pool with a wooden deck or an outdoor barbecue area. 

3. Lighting

One of the more effective renovations which add real value is with the lighting, because no one wants to live in a dull and dark home. You’ll certainly be amazed by how the right lighting fixtures can transform your house and really set the right mood, especially for potential buyers. In fact, you may even change your mind about selling. 

Replace all the old light fixtures with modern and energy-efficient options, and make sure to use LED bulbs for a big wow factor. Remember also to consider both the functionality as well as the design when choosing light fixtures for each room. And if your home is overly dreary even on the sunniest of days, you could install some skylights and flood your home with plenty of natural sunlight.

4. Solar

Rooftop solar panels adorn a house with intricate wooden trim.
Public domain photo by Photo-Mix, courtesy of Pixabay. CC0

Speaking of sunlight, adding some solar panels to your roof is an eco-friendly renovation that will save you money and add substantial value when you sell. And as solar panels are so easily noticeable from the street, prospective buyers will know immediately that your home is powered by the ultimate clean energy source which will save them money on their utility bills. 

Not only is this upgrade great news for the environment, but solar-powered properties routinely sell faster and for more money than houses without a renewable energy source. And don’t forget that there are also a few government incentives that may help you cover the installation costs of getting solar at your home.

5. Kitchen

Just like with bathroom renovations, improvements in the kitchen is also an effective way of increasing resale values. Upgrade your appliances with the latest energy-efficient models which are better for our environment, and install some modern styled cabinetry with classy under-cabinet downlights. 

Or, if you have a tighter budget, there’s plenty of smaller upgrades that still improve the overall vibe of your kitchen. For example, you can install new tapware, handles, knobs, hinges, and other hardware for a more cohesive look in matching contemporary or classic styles. There are so many smaller renovations you can do in your kitchen alone which can have a massive impact on your sale price.

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