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Involved in a Bus Accident? Here are 4 Steps You Should Take

— December 2, 2022

Whatever you do, don’t make any statements regarding your injuries because everything can be used against you.

It’s no surprise that bus accidents have become extremely common in the United States. In fact, there are over 63,000 buses involved in collisions yearly. That’s a concerning number, especially considering how many people’s lives are affected.

These accidents can be scary, especially if you’re a passenger because you expect the bus to be safe. However, accidents do happen, and if you were on a bus and it got involved in an accident, here are five steps you should take:

Call 911

One of the most apparent steps after a bus accident is to call 911. This is an essential step to help yourself and anyone who may have been injured in the accident. Although it may seem like no one’s injured immediately, there are many reasons the collision could have been caused.

When you do so, the next step would be to seek legal help as well. Once you figure out if you or someone else is injured, you can start thinking about speaking to professional lawyers who can assess your case and determine the severity of the injuries, along with the police reports.

Seek Medical Help

The injuries could be severe or deadly depending on the severity of the bus accidents. If you or a loved one is involved in an accident and it’s a severe injury, you might need immediate medical help to take you to the hospital.

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Although some injuries don’t appear immediately, they can be delayed, and your health could be at risk. In that case, you’ll need to go to the hospital and keep any medical records because they’re essential for your claims against the bus company.

For that reason, you’ll also need professional help from an attorney in your area. Suppose you live in Los Angeles, California, you’ll need to reach out to Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyers, and they’ll assess the severity of your injuries based on your medical reports. These attorneys will also use these reports to support your claim.

Document Everything

Whether you’re involved in a car or bus accident, you should try to document everything. If you can take pictures and videos or write down some things you remember, you should also do that. This is essential if you’re planning to take the bus company to trial or make a complaint about your city’s bus system. For example, if you’re from LA, you can report to Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, also known as L.A Metro.

Additionally, you can also include getting things such as:

  • Names and phone numbers of witnesses
  • Email addresses of passengers
  • Any additional information

Once you collect everything, you can contact California Bus Accident Lawyers so they can gather the evidence, assess it, and determine the amount of compensation you’re worthy of.

Don’t Make Statements About Your Injury

Whatever you do, don’t make any statements regarding your injuries because everything can be used against you. Although you might feel fine after an accident and as if you’re not injured, the symptoms can happen days or weeks later. And saying “I’m fine” can only hurt your future insurance payments.

Instead, talk to professional attorneys like Los Angeles Accident Lawyers to discuss your case and ensure you can get a positive outcome for your claim. These attorneys have experience handling many bus accident cases, so they know a thing or two about granting you the proper compensation.

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