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Irish Mother and Daughter Sue Conor McGregor for Millions

— January 26, 2021

The unidentified younger woman says she was brutally raped by McGregor in a Dublin hotel room in 2018.

An Irish mother and daughter are suing mixed martial artist Conor McGregor for millions of euros.

According to The Independent, each woman has filed a separate complaint. However, their lawsuits both accuse McGregor of violent misconduct alleged to have taken place in 2018.

A 32-year old associate of McGregor has also been named as a defendant in the suits.

The Independent characterizes the lawsuits as follows:

  • A single, multi-million euro claim initiated by a young woman who claims to have been acquainted with McGregor for many years
  • A smaller claim filed by the woman’s mother

Both lawsuits are categorized as personal injury claims.

While The Independent has not released details of the allegation, the paper does note McGregor was investigated by Irish law enforcement. The mixed martial artist—whose estimated net worth exceeds $100 million—did not face any criminal charges.

However, the New York Times does detail aspects of McGregor’s record, which the paper obtained from Ireland’s High Court earlier this month. The younger of the two plaintiffs, who claims to have grown up in the same social circles as McGregor, accused the athlete of sexually assaulting her in the winter of 2018.

Conor McGregor; image by Miami Beach Police Department / Public domain.
McGregor has had numerous other scrapes with the law, both in the United States and abroad. Conor McGregor; image by Miami Beach Police Department / Public domain.

The unidentified plaintiff purportedly exchanged a series of “flirtatious” messages with McGregor on Instagram some time on December 9th, 2018. She and a friend were picked up later the same night by McGregor’s driver, who took them to the Dublin hotel he and a friend were staying at.

Once she arrived, the woman claims McGregor beckoned her to the bedroom, where he requested she perform a “lewd” or sexual act.

The plaintiff says she refused, after which McGregor began making sexual advances. She claims to have then bit and hit McGregor, who wrapped his arms around her neck and lifted her up.

She says she stopped trying to resist and was then raped by McGregor.

Afterwards, the woman claims she fell asleep in the hotel; when she awoke, McGregor had left with her female friend. She left McGregor’s bedroom and was then prompted to have a drink by McGregor’s male companion; the plaintiff says she has no recollection of what happened once she was finished drinking, but instead woke up in a taxi.

McGregor’s friend made a statement to police saying he had also had sex with the woman.

Once she arrived home, the woman was in such bad condition her mother called an ambulance. She was transferred to a sexual assault unit, where specialists found bruising “on most of her body,” along with abrasions to her face, neck and right breast.

That claim spurred McGregor’s arrest. He was interrogated and investigated, but released without charge.

Law enforcement did refer the case to local prosecutors—but they, too, declined to initiate any formal charge.

“After an exhaustive investigation conducted by the [police] which, in addition to interviews of the plaintiff, included interviewing numerous sources, obtaining witnesses’ statements, examining closed circuit footage and the cooperation of Conor McGregor, these allegations were categorically rejected,” said Karen J. Kessler, a spokesperson for McGregor.

“The plaintiff knows the facts contradict the assertions in this lawsuit,” Kessler added. “Mr. McGregor will dispute any claims and is confident that justice will prevail.”

The larger lawsuit seeks the equivalent of about $2 million in damages, to cover the victim’s loss of current and future earnings, the sale of her home in Dublin, and relocation costs to somewhere she could “escape the reminders of the ordeal.”

McGregor has continued to deny any and all claims of wrongdoing and says he will defend himself in court as necessary. He has since called the lawsuit “old news.”


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