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Is Failing to Use Headlights on a Car Considered Negligence in Albuquerque?

— August 4, 2022

A person who causes a motor vehicle accident may be sued by those who were harmed by their actions.

Albuquerque, NM – All motor vehicles are equipped with lights to assist with visibility at times when there is bad weather or no natural light at night. These safety features are important enough that they are required by law in New Mexico and other states. If a driver who did not use their lights properly causes an accident, there is the possibility that any accident victims can present this traffic violation as evidence of negligence during the course of a civil lawsuit for compensation. An attorney who handles car collision cases can provide more specific advice about how the state’s negligence laws work and the amount of potential compensation that may be available after any accident. 

New Mexico’s headlight laws

Traffic; image by Alexander Popov on Unsplash.
Traffic; image by Alexander Popov on Unsplash.

The state law says that anyone operating a motor vehicle must have their headlights on while driving starting thirty minutes after sunset. They should remain in use until thirty minutes before sunrise the following morning. There is a related regulation which says that hazard lights need to be used if the vehicle is disabled on a roadway. People who are in violation of these laws may be stopped by police officers and receive a citation. However, not all drivers who fail to use their headlights at appropriate times will be caught before causing an accident. 

Negligence lawsuits and proof of negligent behaviors

A person who causes a motor vehicle accident may be sued by those who were harmed by their actions. However, in order for the plaintiff in the case to be successful, they must prove actual damages and some kind of behavior that deviated from the appropriate standard of care. As a general rule, things like not using headlights and other traffic violations like speeding or going through a stop sign can be used as evidence of negligent behavior. Other common forms of negligence include drunk driving or using a cellphone while driving. When this kind of evidence is available, it will be much easier for the plaintiff to make their case and negotiate a settlement. The victim and their attorney will try to obtain as much compensation as necessary to pay for medical treatment and other accident costs. 

Albuquerque car accident lawyers

The Crecca Law Firm works with those who were harmed in car accidents in the Albuquerque area. Anyone who needs legal advice following a motor vehicle collision can schedule a meeting with their lawyers to learn about bringing a civil lawsuit for compensation. is available to help anyone who is looking for a legal professional in their city. Their representatives can be contacted at 800-672-3103 to help with the search for an attorney.

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