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John Spach Explains Which Businesses Need Professional Cleaning the Most 

— March 26, 2021

Fitness centers can be hotspots of infections and diseases. That’s why fitness centers need professional cleaning services on a regular basis. 

Many business and office administrators place very low importance on professional cleaning. Believing that their teams of janitors and cleaners are enough, they often suffer from their short-sightedness. These administrators believe that only corporate offices, hospitals, and hotels require professional cleaning services. This is a wrong assumption.

Corporate offices, hospitals, and hotels are indeed the ones that spend the most on professional cleaning services. However, many other businesses should be contacting such services regularly as well.

John Spach Lists Overlooked Businesses 

Not only are these businesses themselves ignoring the need for professional cleaning services, but cleaning service professionals are not taking the time to explain why their services are important for such businesses either. This is because it is easier for them to just focus on larger contracts with regular clients, clients who will have business year after year. 

This is completely missing a crucial fact. If overlooked businesses understand the need for professional cleaning services, they will become regular clients as well.

  1. Government Building 

Government buildings have one of the highest footfalls in comparison to any other type of building. They regularly require cleaning services, not just to look clean but for compliance purposes as well.

Government buildings aren’t ignored because of their size or money. It is mainly because government contracts are pretty hard to get. There is a lot of bureaucratic nonsense you would need to deal with. But once you managed to navigate the red tape, there is good money to be made with regular dealings. 

It is the fierce competition that drives away most cleaning professionals.

  1. Schools

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Not that surprising when you think about it, schools can also benefit from professional cleaning services. Whether it’s a primary school or a high school, its facilities are used by thousands each day. And we all know that children aren’t pillars of cleanliness.

Schools need deep cleaning and regular cleaning services often. While public schools often have janitorial staff, there are often contracts available to take care of their work. On the other hand, private schools mostly use cleaning services to clean their facilities and pay handsomely. 

  1. Fitness Centers

The fitness centers like gyms and yoga studios can use professional cleaning services often. It makes logical sense as well. These are small, usually confined spaces where people come in large numbers and sweat and exercise. These facilities often benefit the most from deep cleaning services, often done every few months or so. 

Even regular cleaning for fitness centers is a lot of work. From dirt from shoes, sweat, overused washrooms, and general grime, fitness centers can get extremely dirty really fast. And grimy fitness centers can be hotspots of infections and diseases. That’s why fitness centers need professional cleaning services on a regular basis. 

John Spach lists the above spaces as being ignored by professional cleaning services. These places are often small facilities with smaller budgets for services. This is why they are often completely ignored by cleaning services.

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