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Key Takeaways of Deploying a Car Wash App

— January 11, 2021

After delivery, support and maintenance is an important feature to consider when you reach out to car wash app development experts.

A lot of local businesses are going digital this year. With a sudden rise in the use of smartphones around the world, even local businesses have decided to come up with mobile applications to reach their clients easily and expand their customer base. With the trends, one business where people have ditched waiting in lines is car washing. They simply look up the app, find the best services, and simply click to book.

If you, too, run such a business, then before you hire an on demand car wash app development service, you need to know a few key takeaways considered when deploying a car wash app.

Key Takeaways of Deploying a Car Wash App

  1. Benefits of Developing a Car Wash App
  2. Must Include Features
  3. Cost of Development

Let’s start by taking a glance at what makes the car wash app a profitable idea for your business.

Benefits of Developing a Car Wash App 

  1. Easily Accessible Services

When you bring to market a car wash app, it becomes easier for your target audience to find you. Also, with gentle reminders, your customers can remember when was the last time they got their car washed, or they can schedule the next wash session.

Thus, an app could be their memo book to keep track of the wash sessions, transactions, and other minor details that may skip their minds.

  1. Customized Services in a Click

When you hire a team for customized car wash app development, you can choose the content, features, and details that go in the app. Also, your customers can save a lot of their time with easy navigation that is designed considering their requirements and service needs.

  1. Share Offers and Information’

Inform your customers about the current offers and discounts that they can avail themselves of. Share some basic information like days off or extra availability. Let your customers feel connected to your services with simple notifications and schedule their services in a way that fits you both the best.

  1. Maximize Service Efficiency

With the mobile app, you can easily get notifications of what services your customers want and book them quickly. It helps you provide fast services and build the goodwill of quick response time.

California Car Wash Employees are Finally Receiving Overdue Checks
Photo by Clément M. on Unsplash

Your customers love it when they feel they are heard!

  1. Eliminate Inconvenience and Confusion

As you take bookings online and block slots, there is almost no chance of any confusion. Also, since a part of the work would be automated, with less human intervention, it would be easier for you to manage all your work.

These Are Just a Few!

Along with these, there are a lot more advantages that you and your customers can enjoy from a simple car wash application. So, if you haven’t considered taking your business to smartphones, it is high time to reach the right car detailer app development company and get going.

Now, that we have talked about the advantages of developing a car wash app for your business, let’s check the features that you must include in your car wash mobile application.

Must Include Features for Your Car Wash Mobile App

When you hire mobile app developer, the first thing they would like to know is the list of features that you want to include in your app. With the ideas that you share with them, they would work on the mobile app prototype and help you bring on the screen one of the best apps in the market.

  1. Bill for Services Customers Use

This is an important feature that you must include in your mobile app. Let your users choose from the set of services and pay accordingly. Along with combo offers, let them have a choice for individual services so that they can eliminate the services they don’t think they require and create a plan that fits their budget.

A customer-centric model would popularize your app sooner than expected.

  1. Offer Packages to Regular Customers 

With regular packages, be it on a monthly or quarterly basis, you can affirm that a customer who visits you once, takes your service for the next time, too. This is a smart way to build a strong and loyal customer base. Also, this would help your customers save a handsome amount.

  1. Keep Backups with Right Sync

Let your user’s signup or login to the app with their email ids, making it easier for them to record the details of the service. This would make it easier for the customers to schedule their wash sessions and other services in just a few clicks.

  1. Real-Time Tracking

With real-time tracking, your customer can locate your service area. Also, this would make it easier for first time users to find a car wash service near their location and save their time and efforts.

  1. Connect Easily with the Service Provider 

It is important that the customer can connect with you easily. It could be to fix some issues, make a complaint, drop a compliment, or just to re-confirm the schedule. The more available you are to your customers, the more your business grows.

You can even provide social media integration and sharing to make it easier for your customers to share the app.

  1. Track Service Position

It is important that both the service provider and the customer knows what is the status of any schedule that is placed. It could be ongoing, pending, or done. This would make it easier for you to keep a check on the business inflow and efficiency of the workmen associated.

These are just a few features that any basic car wash mobile app should have. Here we have curated a table that reflects various parties of a car wash mobile app and the features each party needs for the proper functioning of the app.

Cost of Development of a Car Wash App

When you hire a mobile app development company and discuss with them how to develop a car wash mobile app, they would share their basic cost based on the features and technology stack that is used.

A basic car wash app development cost ranges around $12000 including documentation and other details. When you raise the bar with more advanced features and the latest technology, the development cost may go up to $20000. 

Wrapping This Up!

When you hire a mobile app development company for an on demand car wash app, you need to take care of every aspect of the development process till the deployment. It is important that the team you partner with for the development process provides regular updates and checks in case of errors for free.

After delivery, support and maintenance is an important feature to consider when you reach out to car wash app development experts. So, now that you know what to expect from your developer, fix a meeting, specify your needs, and be ready with the whiteboard to start calculating the upward graph.

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