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Killer Tips to Stop Hating Your Job

— July 2, 2019

If work has got you down, you need to know there are ways to stop hating your job.

Your job is boring, and it’s going nowhere. Or, perhaps your colleagues are super annoying. Don’t worry. A lot of us have at least one of these gripes—and to be blunt, almost no one can simply up and quit. So, what can be done in such a situation? Well, perhaps it’s time you changed the way you think about your 9-to-5. Switching up your mindset will likely make your time on the clock more fun and engaging. Below are five stellar tips you can use to stop hating your job today.

#1: Stop Backbiting

Talking trash won’t get you anywhere. Those after-office margarita nights where pretty much everyone bashes the boss? Yes, not helping.

These “group-bash-sessions” are quite unprofessional and could, in fact, spin you deeper into a hate hole. They won’t likely do anything to change your job or position.

Still want to vent? Well, that’s what your friends are for. When you feel like need to get it all out, consider speaking to a friend outside of work, they will listen to you and be there for you without piling on. They can provide you with a much more objective perspective. 

Furthermore, try setting a 10-minute timer during that conversation so that venting out doesn’t take forever.

#2: Find that One Good Thing

So, it isn’t your dream job, but your position at work has to have some cool aspects. Perhaps you work with your best friend, or the office is about 10-20 minutes from your home. Focusing on the positive things will make the lame stuff seem easier to deal with.

When you find something to be grateful for, your workday becomes more seamless. Whenever you see a plus like this, consider writing it down in a notebook or on your smartphone.

Having a solid list to look at when you’re feeling down can give you a more positive perspective.

#3: Compliment Yourself

Set small, specific workplace behavior goals you can measure. Challenge yourself not to complain about things for a week or not to roll your eyeballs when the boss is asking you to do a task you find pointless.

Once you hit those marks, indulge yourself in a fancy midday latte or an evening bubble bath. Remember, everyone is likely to complete their tasks if they know there’s a reward afterward. Eliminating complaints and drama from your brain will make you feel overall better about your job.

#4: Grab A New Task

It’s been a while since you have had something new to work with. So, what to do?

Find ways to expand your responsibilities. If you typically run errands for your superior, ask them if you can pitch in on client projects. This will not only show major initiative but having something fresh and unique on your plate will further push you to work harder. And that, in turn, will lead to higher job satisfaction.

#5: Fire up the Sun

Man doing yoga; image by Form @theformfitness, via
Man doing yoga; image by Form @theformfitness, via

A simple way to feel better at work is to have a blast during downtime.

For instance, the high you will get—from, let’s say, a fierce fitness class or karaoke with the girls—can carry over into your working hours. Therefore, plan at least one fun activity each week and stick to it. You will gain the “I’ve got this!” kind of vibe and realize that you’re about more than just your job.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some pro tips you can implement to stop hating your job. Just try to figure out what you like the most and make it a pure joy for you. At the end of the day, it’s only you who can keep yourself happy and stay positive.

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