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Know More about Latest News, Videos, and Photos about Instagram 

— March 5, 2021

What is your favorite, latest Instagram feature, and are you using them to attain your business goals?

Do you keep yourself updated with the latest changes that have been added to Instagram? Social media is one platform that evolved rapidly, and both Instagram and Facebook introduce updates at a quick pace. To keep up with such changes is essential to remain at the forefront in the competition and connect with the target audience meaningfully. 

Latest Instagram News- Launch of Vanish Mode 

Often a message is merely spontaneous – something you desire to convey at the moment without thinking about it sticking around. Facebook has lately introduced “Vanish Mode” that will allow one to send messages which disappear automatically. Its working is simple; Messages will disappear after the user leaves the chat. The good news is that now people can send reactions, stickers, or GIFs to share what they think the moment. They cannot find words or be silly with pals without the same remaining in their chat history. 

The Vanish Mode considers choice and user safety so they can control their experience. Only those who are part of the chat will use this feature with them in a chat. It is opt-in, too, so one selects whether to enter this feature with someone. When a person takes a screenshot of the chat while using the vanish mode, they will get a notification right away. And as always, one can block a person and report the conversation when they feel unsafe. 

Latest Video Features 

  1. The Launch of Instagram Reels 

Instagram has launched its latest video feature- Instagram Reels. It invites you to create fun videos for sharing with your friends or others on this platform. One can record and edit multi-clip videos of 15-second duration with audio effects, along with new creative tools. One can share reels with their followers on Feed. If they hold a public account, they should make them accessible to a wider community on Instagram through Explore. Instagram Reels in Explore provides anyone the opportunity of becoming a creator on the platform and target new audiences globally. Below are the top three ways you can use Instagram Reels in your marketing strategy,

  • Develop authentic content that resonates with one’s audience. Reels are quick, fun means of creating unique, captivating content with special effects. It is a good chance for businesses to show a higher human facet of their brand. 
  • Show off one’s services and products. One can increase their brand awareness and build their sales through Instagram Reels to demonstrate what they have to offer. 
  • Share educational content. One can use Instagram Reels in teaching their followers something new. For instance, they can show how to click a perfect photo, wear a scarf in different ways, and tips to save money easily. 
  1. The Launch of Instagram Live Video 

It is different from that of the usual Instagram video, chiefly because it is live. Below are some ways as to how it functions, 

  • Followers receive a push notification informing them that one is going live.
  • The video ends after one ends 
  • Followers can like or comment on one’s Live Video in real time. 

Instagram Live is another means for marketers to build authenticity and brand transparency- both being vital with the latest algorithm update on Instagram. 

Latest Photo Feature: The Launch of Photo Remix

Man using Instagram on a smartphone; image by Erik Lucatero, via
Man using Instagram on a smartphone; image by Erik Lucatero, via

Instagram has launched its latest photo feature, which will allow one to remix their friends’ photographs on the channel for funnier conversations. With this newest photo update, one can play with their friends’ pictures, remix the same, and send them in the conversation. Take a look at how this feature works, 

  • See photo messages from pals
  • Click on the camera button & capture a reply 
  • Resize the photo, add twists with drawings, text, and stickers. 

The best part is, one can control replays too. For instance, one can select “One View” for a message they want their friends to view only once. Besides, they can click on “Allow Replay” to offer friends more time for viewing their messages. Videos and photos sent through this will loop automatically, which means friends can both tap and hold for pausing them. This update is currently accessible for Instagram version for iOS and Android (24). So, one should check this and enjoy doing it. 

Social media channels evolve quickly to stay at par with competition from the rest and consumer demands. Your best bet will be to stay up-to-date and informed of such latest features and emphasize how they can benefit from the same as a business. They should solely focus on Instagram ads and keep engagement on the top priority because the algorithm has changed to favor engagement. They should also focus on the number of likes, comments, and followers and buy Instagram comments, followers, and likes as per the need. 

What is your favorite, latest Instagram feature, and are you using them to attain your business goals?

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