Image of the Recalled Kroger Baby Water
Recalled Kroger Baby Water; Image Courtesy of Kroger,

New reports out of Columbus, Ohio have parents of young babies concerned. Recently, Kroger Supermarkets issued a safety recall for a certain brand of baby water often used when making bottles of formula. Why was the recall issued, though? What brand was recalled and what should parents do if they have a gallon of the recalled product in their home?

For starters, the specific recalled product is “Comforts Purified Water with Fluoride.” It was recalled because, according to an FDA report, it “may show signs of mold.” Parents can tell if they have a recalled product by checking the UPC code. All of the recalled gallons of water have a UPC code of 0004126037597.

In response to the recall, a Kroger spokesperson issued the following statement:

“Customer and food safety are Kroger’s top priorities, and as such we take every recall seriously. Kroger was informed that Westover Dairy, in cooperation with the FDA, had announced a Class II recall for its product labeled “Comforts Purified Water with Fluoride.”

Image of the Kroger Logo
Kroger Logo; Image Courtesy of Wikipedia,

So what is a class II recall? Well, the FDA “defines a Class II recall as the use of the product would result in a temporary or reversible health problem.” That is why parents are being advised to discontinue use of the product and return it to the point of purchase. Since issuing the recall, the supermarket has “removed all potentially affected items from store shelves and initiated their customer recall notification system, which informs customers who may have purchased the affected products via register receipt messages and/or automated phone calls.”


Safety recall issued for baby water sold at Kroger Supermarkets

Kroger recalls bottled water for babies

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