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Law Firm Marketing: Failures & Fixes

— January 24, 2020

As a law firm, you should learn from the failures of other companies and implement the right strategies in your firm so as to attract more clients. 

Marketing is not a complicated process as it seems for many business owners. It’s not about just gaming the Google search and chasing the right keyword, though it is necessary for every law firm to pay the right attention to SEO. But it’s more about implementing the right marketing practice at the right time. 

Let’s face it, if also you are on the first position of the Google search engine results but your message does not match with the needs of the customer then you have lost them. 

You can follow some of the simple steps to fix your marketing practice:

  • Crafting the message with context: As many failed businesses have done it before, law firms also commit the mistake of building the message around their own achievements, qualifications, of no interest to the customer. 
  • Building the right landing page: You have to make the landing pages your priority in 2020. As these pages are the first point of communication with your client you should see whether the landing page meet all the criteria such as it is professionally written further inspiring the client to take a specific action. 
  • Amplifying the message: Any marketing campaign needs the right amplification. Once an interesting story has been developed, you have to find the right channel for telling the story. You have to check where your client spend most of their time, which are the social media platforms they use, what media they do consume, etc. 
  • Running the SEO campaign for improving the visibility in the search results: You must know that 75% of the people are never going to scroll past the first page of the Google search. This means you should make an effective strategy to bring your website to the first page of Google search. As 93% of the online experience does begin with the search engine, it is necessary that you pull the right organic traffic. 
  • Running an optimized Google AdWords campaign: Paid search has been the valuable way of attracting new leads for law firms. The optimized Google AdWords campaign helps to send huge volumes of qualified traffic to the website. This can help to convert into high paying clients. Check the below reference. When you search for the best criminal defense lawyer in Chicago the below results pop up:

    Screenshot of web search; image courtesy of author.

This can significantly help in lead generation.

  • Increasing your presence in the legal directories: Try to increase your presence in the legal directories as it will give you much needed exposure. Including the firm in the main directories is one of the simple ways of promoting your service. 
  • Getting into video marketing: Have you ever used video marketing for your firm? If not then this is the right time for it. As videos becomes increasingly popular for marketing the services of any organization, law firms should not be left behind. You are more likely to be in the first page of Google if you include more videos in the marketing strategy. Videos help in more conversions and build the trust factor among the potential clients.
  • Answering the queries: Answering the queries of potential clients helps in a great way to get the attention of the other potential clients. 
  • Creating inbound marketing campaign: The inbound marketing strategy helps to attract the right prospect to your firm. The different channels through which it can attract are:
    • Social media marketing
    • Branding 
    • Content marketing

A powerful content has immense effect to build the awareness for the brand. It can demonstrate the expertise and value of your brand, which automatically helps in drawing prospects to your website. The free content which you will be providing to your audience can be in different forms such as:

  • Educational blog
  • FAQs
  • Case studies
  • Newsletter articles
  • Adding the live chat to the website: In recent years, live chat has increasingly become popular as it provides the following benefits:
  • Immediate answer to the query of the client
  • You can make your website available 24/7
  • Helps to connect with the potential client immediately
  • It makes your firm look modern and progressive
  • Backlinks from media sites have high authority: When you have backlinks from the media sites that have high authority then it can improve your rankings. Improved rankings means the client can now easily find your website in the Google search results. There are different tactics which you can try for this.
  • Leveraging the social media marketing tactic: Social media marketing is popular among all the marketers in the current scenario. So, your law firm should also come out to try this marketing tactic. You can find out the best social media which can work for your firm, and plan the social media tactic to pull the right client. 


Any company or firm will have its own share of failures and ways to fix them. As a law firm, you should learn from the failures of other companies and implement the right strategies in your firm so as to attract more clients. 

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