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Law Firm Marketing: Tactics for 2023

— January 12, 2023

Referrals are not only one sales channel that can bring more profitable projects for your law firm.

Who brings new clients for your law firm? Let’s guess — a big chunk comes from referrals of your past clients or partners. Using the channels that work to grow your business is always a good idea, but imagine how much more you could fuel your growth with other smart marketing techniques. In this article, we are covering a few marketing strategies you could use to double your growth in 2023.

Define your unique selling point (USP)

The concept of USP is based on a differentiator that sets you apart from other law firms. Your differentiator can be a higher win rate, experience of your attorneys, or years in business. Attracting new clients starts with outlining how you are different from other law firms and communicating it on your website, social media, or even leaflets.

Showcase your reviews

Choosing a lawyer is not like picking a supermarket to do groceries today — it’s a much more complicated decision. But positive reviews can effectively convince your prospects to trust you with their issue and choose your services over the services of other lawyers. That’s why it’s worth creating a process for requesting, collecting client reviews, and sharing them on your website.

Write case studies

Sometimes, reading a few positive reviews doesn’t suffice for demanding clients. No wonder — they think reviews can easily be bought these days. So they want to have more facts before deciding to work with you. Writing case studies can help you present these facts by showcasing the process of resolving a legal case from A to Z. Write case studies by explaining the problem, your process, solutions, and results. 

Improve your SEO

Optimizing your existing website content for better rankings is the first step to attracting more inbound leads. That’s why it can be a good idea to follow the right law firm SEO practices to get better results. However, establishing an SEO workflow is a time-consuming process that can take attention away from your core business. In this case, it’s worth working with a tried-and-tested SEO agency that can set stretchy performance goals.

Write blog posts 

Clients often look for answers to their questions online before calling a lawyer. It’s not like they want to avoid using your help — in the end, they will have to do it. But they aim to understand the complexity of the process better and get an idea of how legal proceedings work. By covering the topics your audience researches online, you can attract more high-quality traffic and prospects that can ask for a quote today. 

Add F.A.Q.

Adding a F.A.Q. Section to your articles can help position your content in a featured snippet, a so-called position zero on Google. 

Start by listing questions that your clients usually ask you and provide a short but informative answer to them. Don’t ramble around — answer questions straight away and then provide additional details.

Get backlinks

Your content won’t rank well unless other websites link to your blog articles or pages. While it’s difficult to get backlinks if your content is not high in search results yet, there are few tricks you can use.

  • Carry out your study and compile a report
  • Create infographics covering niche topics
  • List statistics on cases  

Improve your website’s speed

Website metrics dashboard; image by PhotoMIX-Company, via
Website metrics dashboard; image by PhotoMIX-Company, via

Your website speed is critical and helps your website rank higher in search results. You have to ensure that your pages load instantly and users don’t experience any issues with 404 page errors. To avoid this, use monitoring tools such as SEORadar or ContentKing to identify how code changes impact your website’s health.

Check your website speed on the web and mobile using free tools such as Page Speed Insights or similar. You can also hire backend developers to boost the speed of your website by optimizing your page building.

Create a Google My Business account

You don’t have to be the most recognizable law firm in the country to have hands full of client work; just become the best-positioned one in your area. Creating a Google My Business account will help attract clients from your neighborhood. All you have to do is add a detailed description and photos, and ask past clients to leave positive reviews.

Create educational videos

Videos are a great tool to establish trust with your prospects before they call or visit your office. Draft a strategy for your video content — define what you want to convey with your videos, how viewers can benefit from the content, and where you want to post it. Don’t worry about using a professional videographer, if you don’t have the budget, use your cellphone or another camera and edit your video using an online video editor.

Host webinars

Hold webinars — both free and paid — covering your clients’ most frequently asked questions. 

You can sign up people and send reminders before a webinar date using email automation tools. When conducting webinars, you must show your expertise, hold an ask-me-anything session, and build trust with your audience. After the webinar, people will seek more help if they actively look for a lawyer. 

Attorney biographies

The experience of your partners or employees is your best business card. Creating engaging biographies and posting them on your website can boost your credibility and land more client work. When writing biographies, list your attorney’s strong points and accompany their biographies with professional photos.

Add live chat to a website

High speed of your response to a client’s inquiry translates into more new business. Look at it this way — the less your client waits for your consultations, the less time they have to search for alternative law firms. If it takes you a few days to respond to a question, your prospect can already decide to use someone else’s services. Installing a live chat and having your assistant answer client inquiries as quickly as possible can significantly improve the number of new projects.

Leverage social media

Making social media work for your business doesn’t mean posting some updates on your social media page every day. Instead, you must actively share your expertise and help people or companies find solutions to the problems they face. The best way to do it is by creating a Facebook group where your target audience could ask questions or join an existing one. Share your knowledge in comments and aim to resolve issues people have.

Optimize lawyer’s LinkedIn accounts

LinkedIn can be a great source of leads, especially if your clients are businesses. Optimize your profile on LinkedIn and get your colleagues to do the same. Using a high-quality profile photo, listing your experience, and posting a short description of your achievements and responsibilities is just the first step to creating a credible lawyer’s profile on LinkedIn. You should also become active under the posts of your colleagues and potential clients, write posts that bring value to others, and make all these actions your every day (or at least weekly) routine.

Manage your campaigns effectively

While you draft your marketing campaigns, task-management and tracking accountability can quickly become difficult. Jotting down all tasks in your notebook won’t solve the issue.

Getting your campaigns to perform well requires a framework of cooperation. For this, use task-management platforms such as Hive so you can list tasks and assign them in your team. With online tasks-management tools, you can easily create multiple projects, tasks, set up deadlines, and check on progress.

Wrapping up

Referrals are not only one sales channel that can bring more profitable projects for your law firm. While this is one of the most popular channels law firms use to grow, there are also other media you can use to speed up the growth of your law firm in 2023. By utilizing the opportunities that content marketing brings, you can double your growth by landing more projects. Test different techniques to find out what works the best for your business. Proceeding with all of them can feel overwhelming and can deplete your results, so make one step at a time.

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