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Lawsuit: New York Police Department Captain Sexually Harassed Colleague, Sent Dozens of Lewd Pictures

— April 14, 2023

The N.Y.P.D. captain allegedly retaliated after his colleague spurned his advances, denying her personal time off and forcing her to re-write reports after-hours.

A recently filed lawsuit accuses a New York City Police Department official of “relentlessly” harassing a married female colleague, sending her explicit photographs and attempting to coerce her into a sexual relationship.

According to FOX News, the lawsuit claims that N.Y.P.D. Capt. Brian Flynn sent more than 45 explicit pictures to Det. Michelle Almanzar—and then retaliated when she refused to entertain his advances.

The lawsuit, filed in a Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday, claims that Flynn sent “pictures of his penis and napkins with ejaculate on it, which appear to be taken in his office.

Flynn also told Almanzar that he would give her a “Commander’s Day” if she gave him a pair of her panties.

“I have a treasure trove of pictures and texts,” said Leslee Schwarz, an attorney for Almanzar. “And that’s not even all of it.”

After Almanzar rejected Flynn’s attempts to initiate an inappropriate workplace relationship, the police captain allegedly retaliated, making Almanzar stay in her office after hours to re-write investigative reports.

Flynn also reportedly denied Almanzar’s request for personal time off.

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“She would often permit him to send her sexually explicit texts because when she tried to get him to stop, not only did she suffer, but he would often take his frustration out on her work partner as well as her team,” the lawsuit states.

The New York Police Department told FOX News that it is aware of the lawsuit but does not typically comment on pending litigation.

Flynn, an N.Y.P.D. spokesperson said, has been placed on “modified duty” pending an investigation.

“The Department does not tolerate sexual harassment and is committed to respectful work environments for our diverse workforce,” the department said in a statement. “The NYPD thoroughly investigates all complaints it receives, and offers several reporting options for NYPD employees, including anonymously.”

Almanzar’s lawsuit claims the sexual harassment began shortly after the detective was transferred to a Bronx precinct in 2021.

While Almanzar tolerated the abuse for nearly a year, she reached her “breaking point” in November of 2021, when Flynn was denied a day off for no apparent reason.

Almanzar then reported Flynn, who was quickly transferred to another position.

Shortly after Flynn’s transfer, he tried to confront Almanzar in the precinct headquarters. Other officers purportedly took Flynn’s side, upset that their own actions were being scrutinized as a consequence of Flynn’s misconduct.

When Almanzar challenged her colleagues, they said they never tried to intervene because they “figured [Almanzar] liked it.”


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