U.S. Court Rules against “Predatory” For-Profit Colleges

6/25/2015 On Tuesday, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge, John Bates, upheld regulations set to begin July 1st restricting the conduct of for-profit colleges and career-training programs. The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) announced rules last fall that could potentially restrict federal funding for schools that saddle students with markedly high tuition

Supreme Court Ruling: Obamacare Subsidies Stay

6/25/2015 The Supreme Court delivered the much-anticipated King vs. Burwell decision on Thursday not to strike down a key portion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare. The 6-3 decision means that enrollees in states which have not set up their own health exchanges will continue to receive federal subsidies for health insurance. Currently,

BP Claims Centers to Close Friday

6/18/2015 Following the June 8th midnight deadline to file claims involving British Petroleum’s (BP) Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, 10 claims centers operating through the country will be closing on Friday, June 19th. The offices opened shortly after the 2012 settlement was announced, and have remained open past the claims deadline

Former AIG Chairman to Appeal Mixed Federal Claims Ruling

6/18/2015 The U.S. Court of Federal Claims ruled that the government acted illegally when it acquired stock during its $85 billion bailout of insurance giant, American International Group (AIG). Although a win for AIG’s former longtime CEO, Maurice R. “Hank” Greenberg, he considers it to be only a moral victory, as Judge Thomas C. Wheeler

Ralph Nader’s Dream of a Tort Law Museum is almost a Reality

6/17/2015 America is a land of wacky museums, including ones honoring Pez dispensers, barbed-wire, and even the Museum of Bad Art in Massachusetts, but there is no law museum despite there being myriads of museums dedicated to similarly significant professions. That is about to change, however, as legendary consumer advocate and not-so-legendary presidential candidate, Ralph

New Net Neutrality Rules Went into Effect Friday, but will they Stick?

6/15/2015 Although the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been defeated by the courts twice before in very public fashion over the issue of net neutrality; new rules proposed by the FCC in February quietly went into effect on Friday, June 12th. This comes as a three-judge panel from the D.C. Circuit Appeals Court denied a

Will Recent ET-Plus Guardrail Settlement be Death of Trinity Industries?

6/13/2015 Tuesday’s, $663 million settlement against guardrail manufacturer Trinity industries includes the largest-ever award given to a whistle-blower under the False-Claims Act, a whopping $199 million given to former competitor, Virginian Joshua Harman. Harman sued on behalf of the government claiming that Trinity defrauded taxpayers by failing to notify the Federal Highway Administration of a

National Cannabis Bar Association: Mainstream Marijuana

6/12/2015 Perhaps it was inevitable, or perhaps it is a stroke of genius, but a coalition of attorneys has launched the National Cannabis Bar Association (NCBA) in order to help people navigate what has been called the “green rush.” Medical marijuana is legal in some form in 23 states, and recreational marijuana is legal in

Supreme Court Case Review may Limit Class-Action Lawsuits

6/10/2015 The U.S. Supreme Court announced on Monday, June 8th that it will be reviewing a federal appeals ruling in its next term, petitioned by Tyson Foods, challenging a $5.8 million judgment against the company over unpaid work time at an Iowa pork-processing plant. While the sum of the judgment is miniscule in cases of