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A Lawyer’s Guide to Online Marketing

— February 12, 2020

In addition to legal work, you need to engage in marketing and PR. Follow the mentioned strategies and enhance your business attention significantly.

Legal Internet marketing is an objective necessity for all professionals who want to ensure a regular flow of clients to their practice and understand that word of mouth is an ineffective and obsolete tool that has not been justified for a long time.

The high competition in the legal services market has led to the fact that the scheme “the main thing is to work well and clients will appear themselves” has not been working for a long time. Services need advertising, and one of the best platforms for promoting your name is the Internet.

So, If you are a lawyer who is looking to expand your activities, here is a short guide to online marketing.

Promoting & Advertising Website

The website can rightfully be considered the fundamental tool of Internet marketing for a law firm or an individual specialist. The website will not only increase customers but also preserve existing ones (subject to regular updating of materials on it). Here what is the best to consider when it comes to your website content:

  • Information about you and your experience, real photos

Let the potential client get to know you in advance and be sure to prove the level of professionalism with certificates, awards, and many years of experience.

  • Selling service descriptions

Dry lists of services of lawyers, one way or another, are of the same type. To make these lists more attractive and understandable to the client, “tasty”, vibrant texts that are written in human language will help.

  • Competitive advantages

What sets you apart from your competitors? A free consultation? A discount for retirees? A 24-hour hotline? Your potential client needs arguments – why you are better than others. 

  • Customer reviews and case studies

Feedback from grateful customers will add confidence and trust to you to those who are still thinking about purchasing your services. How to make cool cases that will work for sure, read this article.

Social Media Channels

No, you can’t avoid these. In fact, it is hard to imagine business promotion without Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other valuable social media networks that can be a good place for customer generation. That is why social networks are the most straightforward and most obvious answer to the question of where to get clients for a lawyer. It is in social networks that millions of people communicate and spend time every day in search of interesting information.

Person using iPad with social media icons onscreen; image by NordWoodThemes, via
Person using iPad with social media icons onscreen; image by NordWoodThemes, via

It is vital that your pages, like the website, do not look abandoned. To do this, regularly add exciting content. For instance, you have to mix the number of posts in various channels:

  • Facebook – Three-Four posts per week, including video and audio content.
  • Twitter – Daily posts, retweets of valuable resources, as well as video content.
  • Instagram – Three-Four posts per week, and of course, you can’t avoid videos or photos.

Professional Blog is Necessary

The publication of copyrighted materials on popular legal sites will help attract clients’ attention to your practice. What topics should you cover in the legal blog?

  • Relevant legislative changes.
  • Practical tips, paperwork templates, etc.
  • Interesting lawsuits and your own successful cases.

If you are ready to write articles yourself, then such advertising will be free for you, but it is time-consuming. In this case, you can ask professionals to help you create unique content.

The main thing is to choose the right topics for materials, highlighting the most pressing issues that are closely related to the scope of your practice.

Loyalty and Partnership system

Consider a system of loyalty and discounts for employees of target companies where your audience is sitting. We also recommend paying attention to cross-promotion – conducting joint advertising campaigns. Such campaigns can be either mutual guest posts or mailings, promotions, live broadcasts, or test drives of services. Partnerships work for both sides and help exchange new audiences from related fields.

Promote & Create Web-conferences

The technology is similar to the technology of the webinar. The main difference is the scale. Conferences held by successful lawyers bring together up to 300 people. And, the number of speakers can reach five-six people. The best solution is to hold a conference with partners. Do you have colleagues with whom you maintain friendly relations from other law firms? Maybe colleagues from audit or accounting firms? This will allow you to join forces and hold a cool event!


Every lawyer at least once thinks about how to get great fame, the flow of clients, and income. For this, in addition to legal work, you need to engage in marketing and PR. Follow the mentioned strategies and enhance your business attention significantly.

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