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LexisNexis Enhances the Lexis+ Ecosystem with Judicial Brief Analysis

— October 26, 2021

Quickly identify similarities and differences in opposing filings, across multiple documents, while assessing the argument strength on both sides of a litigation matter. Unique dashboard, patented concept mapping technology, shared citations view, and more case recommendations accelerates and improves the document comparison process.

LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, announced a new enhancement to the Lexis+® ecosystem – Judicial Brief Analysis – that will greatly accelerate and improve the document comparison process and quickly deliver the insights legal professionals need to draft stronger arguments and briefs. 

Mirroring the process that judges and court clerks use when analyzing opposing briefs, Lexis+ Judicial Brief Analysis allows lawyers to compare up to six documents (three for each side) and receive one comprehensive report of all caselaw arguments, citations and quotes to determine accuracy, relevance and argument strength. Its bold, intuitive design includes a unique dashboard visualization of extracted concepts, Shepard’s® Citations analysis, quote accuracy and other information that saves a user hours of review time. A new “shared” feature compares how opposing sides used similar arguments or citations in their documents, whether the arguments are “good law,” and whether any modifications were made to the original quotations. The AI-powered tool also recommends relevant caselaw and other content to help attorneys draft the strongest briefs possible.

Shared quotes in your documents screenshot courtesy of LexisNexis.
Shared quotes in your documents screenshot courtesy of LexisNexis.

“For busy legal professionals who spend significant time doing research to write briefs,  

Judicial Brief Analysis instantly delivers critical insights and recommendations that can strengthen their position – or weaken their opponent’s,” said Jeff Pfeifer, Chief Product Officer, LexisNexis North America. “Judicial Brief Analysis enables legal professionals to practice with unprecedented efficiency and confidence. Our use of advanced language parsing technologies ensures a thorough review of all plaintiff and defense arguments.”

Developed from attorney and court clerk feedback, Judicial Brief Analysis has tools and features that practitioners won’t get from competitive offerings, including:  

  • Unique dashboard view of relevant information, insights and analytics helps visualize key elements to explore within the documents
  • Patented concept mapping technology extracts legal- and fact-based concepts from a brief that were used to map to other relevant documents 
  • More overall briefs, pleadings, motions and other court documents means Lexis+ delivers more recommendations per brief to ensure practitioners are not missing critical cases
  • Secondary content recommendations, including Practical Guidance, treatises and more
  • Side-by-side comparisons showcases similarities and differences across multiple documents in a single, unified view – without switching back and forth between separate windows

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