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LexisNexis Announces Market Standards Data-Driven Practical Guidance for Finance and Employment

— June 25, 2021

New Market Standards for Lending Transactions and Executive Employment Agreements provides attorneys with critical data and a competitive edge in drafting and negotiating deals.

LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, announced the launch of Market Standards – Finance, and the upcoming launch of Market Standards – Employment, two new data-driven enhancements within its industry-leading Practical Guidance® solution. Market Standards combines the industry’s most robust deal point analysis capabilities with powerful data visualizations, empowering legal professionals to efficiently and confidently provide thorough, accurate advice to clients. With these new Market Standards offerings, LexisNexis extends its leadership position in data-driven practical guidance.

Practical Guidance helps attorneys complete legal tasks with comprehensive tools and resources grounded in the real-world experience of expert practitioners. Market Standards supplements this guidance with data and analytics that enable lawyers to understand market trends and anticipate legal outcomes so they can provide better counsel and gain a competitive edge over their opponents. 

Market Standards is a powerful tool for researching and comparing recent and relevant transactions, finding on-point precedent and clause language, and evaluating specific deal points for more thorough document drafting and more successful negotiations. The intuitive and customizable offering significantly reduces costs and saves time while delivering insights that might be otherwise unattainable. Some of the key differentiators include:

  • Market Standards – Finance has 3x more deal points than other offerings, with more than 2,200 SEC-filed credit agreements over $50 million and more than 350 bank commitment letters filed since 2017. With analysis and filters for up to 90 deal points within credit agreements and approximately 70 deal points within commitment letters, Market Standards’ unprecedented granularity makes it possible for users to understand how similarly situated parties have addressed a particular legal issue and negotiated terms, or what language the borrower’s or lender’s counsel has accepted in the past. 
  • Market Standards – Employment will have more than 4,500 SEC-filed executive employment agreements when it launches in July. With analysis and filters for 75 data points – 5x more than competitive offerings – Market Standards enables users to identify market trends and conduct peer group research on the widest range of terms and clauses for compensation and benefits, ranging from termination and severance, to change-in-control provisions, restrictive covenants, dispute resolution clauses, and more. 
  • Market Standards’ interactive data visualizations bring syndicated loan transactions and employment agreements to life, giving users immediate insights into new and evolving market trends to accelerate their decision-making process and boost their confidence in negotiations. 
  • The latest Market Standards offerings will be updated with new agreements every two weeks, each reviewed and categorized by LexisNexis editors using advanced technology for unrivaled accuracy and depth of content.
Market Standards - Finance credit agreements results; image courtesy of LexisNexis.
Market Standards – Finance credit agreements results; image courtesy of LexisNexis.

Improved Knowledge-Sharing and Collaboration

Since the October 2020 launch of Market Standards for M&A, LexisNexis has enhanced the platform with feedback from customers, improving the ability to download and share more deal insights with greater context. In addition to deal size, parties and other transactional data, users can customize a deal report to include particular deal points and then share direct links to relevant documents, specific clauses and the exact language used by other parties engaged in similar transactions. 

“To provide the most accurate, relevant and timely counsel on financial transactions or executive employment agreements, attorneys can’t just look at their own deals. They need to understand the broader market trends on the most highly negotiated deal points to secure the absolute best outcome for their clients,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO, LexisNexis North America. “Once again, Market Standards has raised the bar in terms of data-driven practical guidance, and we will continue releasing similar offerings in other practice areas to help attorneys deliver the results their clients or other stakeholders expect.”

“For Finance, Employment, and Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation attorneys and legal professionals, Market Standards offers the most comprehensive and detailed set of deals and related data in the industry, supported by powerful analytics, novel and unique data visualizations and improved knowledge-sharing capabilities,” said Daniel Lewis, Vice President of Practical Guidance at LexisNexis. “Embedding Market Standards within Practical Guidance gives lawyers both the practical know-how they need to accomplish day-to-day tasks and the data, analytics and insights they need to increase efficiency and get an edge over the competition.”

Market Standards – Finance is included at no additional charge for Lexis and Lexis+ customers who subscribe to the Corporate or Finance modules within Practical Guidance. Market Standards –Employment will be included at no additional charge for customers who subscribe to the Employment module or Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation modules within Practical Guidance. For more information, visit

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