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Making Your Instagram Account Popular: What Experts Recommend

— February 21, 2020

A great method to bring attention to your account is to join online conversations related to your brand’s niche.

During the past years, Instagram became the most preferred social media platform on the globe. And many people opt for exclusively using this platform and close their other social media accounts. So, if you aim to use Instagram to your business advantage, here’s how experts say you should start.

First of all: identify the Instagram profile suitable for your endeavours. Instagram allows you to select between a personal and a business profile. 

  1. Don’t forget to optimize your account

If you plan to boost your revenues with Instagram, you should start by optimizing your account. Your username must have up to 30 characters, while originality is key to it. Experts say that it is best to select a corresponding name to the other social media accounts you might have. Also, you should use the 150 characters in the biography section to describe your business in a novel way accurately. 

  1. Use apps for online shops

Another useful thing to make your account popular is to include add-ons that will provide your account with the best e-commerce features. These can aid you in guiding your followers towards your business services or products while making it extremely simple to access an online store or website.

  1. Use hashtags

Well, you should know that it is not enough to use the most famous hashtags on Instagram. The best approach is to create a unique hashtag identifiable with your business. This will allow your followers to track your account and identify your brand’s content with ease. Also, you can use these unique hashtags with all your social media platforms to create an equal business representation.

  1. Optimize hashtags

Even though Instagram allows you to use plenty of hashtags, it is always best to limit them to 15 or less. Adding too many hashtags can attract a spam ban on your content, which in turn will remove your content from the discovery section. To pick the right hashtags relevant to your niche, just generate them through the free hashtag generator on 

  1. Get involved in discussions

A great method to bring attention to your account is to join online conversations related to your brand’s niche. Talking with other users, sharing your expert opinion, and being constantly concerned about the new appearances in a field, will definitely result in a boost of engagement on your account.

Blue and red neon sign showing the “Like” count of a social media post; image by Prateek Katyal, via
Blue and red neon sign showing the “Like” count of a social media post; image by Prateek Katyal, via
  1. Use captions to your advantage

Captions are great and can become a useful tool. All you have to do is create a description that is both unique and enticing for your users to engage with. Experts say that a caption should range between 138 and 150 characters. This is the best approach that can prompt your followers to leave a comment or like your post.

  1. Create contests now and then

It is essential to have well-established rules before sharing an Instagram contest. You need to clearly state the conditions in which the competition will function, along with the time, the number of winners, and how the winner is selected. To make the best of this strategy, you should use a custom hashtag and a relevant visual cue. Prompt followers and potential followers to join. Also, you should interact with the winners and encourage them to share their opinion about the prize

  1. Use live videos and Instagram stories

These two represent the best weapons you have on Instagram to grow your account organically. All you have to do is create a fascinating post that will make your followers watch it. 

  1. Create a posting schedule 

It is not enough to share content on Instagram randomly. You will have to focus on consistency concerning both the design and timeframe in which you publish. Use similar filters and visual cues. Also, based on your business, you should share at least one post daily or one post every three days. Anyhow, the frequency of shared content is determined based on your niche. 

  1. Use collaboration

You can always identify influential Instagram accounts with which you can collaborate. And there are plenty of features you can use for collaboration, including link exchanges, post swaps, or affiliate promotions. Using influential accounts to promote your business is one of the most effective ways to increase awareness of your account.

  1. Don’t forget about adding the location

This simple strategy of geotagging your posts can offer you tremendous advantages. Mostly, it can increase engagement from your local audience, as it will make it easier for them to discover your content.

  1. Settle on a novel visual cue

Having the same style approach for all your content can make your account stand out. Aim to set up a unique style that transmits a message about your business. In addition, of course, avoid mixing different styles.

  1. Share enticing content

You should always think through your content and share only engaging posts. The goal is to attract the attention of your followers and make them engage with your content. As such, you should start by sharing valuable information that will help your followers in their daily routines.

  1. Use advertisement

You can boost your Instagram followers pool with a couple of ads for your profile. Target the audience that it is most likely to engage with your account based on your business services or products.

  1. Use shoutouts

Experts say it is highly recommended to engage with as many Instagram users as possible whenever possible. And this applies to those users who don’t follow your account, too. Shoutout with another account that has a similar followers base as yours.

  1. Don’t be skeptical about buying followers

Lately, buying Instagram followers became a necessity for boosting your account’s online presence. And you can even achieve impressive results with services such as SocialBoss. These were designed to offer real results, which can add up to your engagement and statistics.

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