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Man Sentenced After Requesting Prostitutes…To Show Up Next Door

— November 16, 2017

Man Sentenced After Requesting Prostitutes…To Show Up Next Door

45-year-old Douglas Goldsberry of Elkhorn, Nebraska, has been sentenced to four years in prison for sending female prostitutes to strip next door on his neighbors’ front porch multiple times over a three-year period.  About 30 times each year since 2013, the neighbors reported, women would show up on their porch at odd hours, either late at night or very early in the morning. The family never knew when it was going to happen.

The prostitutes would strip their clothing, and then, believing the client who had sent them was inside and seeking payment, would try to open the front door or ring the door bell.  This would awaken the couple’s young children, who were forced to witness the inappropriate behavior.  In court, the homeowners claimed the repeated incidences caused lack of sleep, undue marital issues, and ultimately affected their professional lives.

Goldsberry was sentenced this month after pleading no contest back in September to pandering, the crime of indulging in an immoral or distasteful desire.  Authorities believe the man pleasured himself after he hired the prostitutes to strip in front of his neighbors’ home and watched them undress from his own kitchen.  Solicitation charges against Goldsberry were dismissed during sentencing as part of a plea deal.  But, under the state’s current law, he will have to serve at least two years of his sentence behind bars with credit of 177 full days in jail.

Man Sentenced After Requesting Prostitutes...To Show Up Next Door
Image Courtesy of Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

“It’s a really twisted and sick plot,” said Deputy Douglas County Attorney Chad Brown, adding that Goldsberry called the ordeal “a screening process” during the investigation.  Brown said the man “derived pleasure out of how far he could control these women to see how far he could get them to go.”  Whenever he was able to get them to undress fully, he had accomplished his goal.

What’s more, amid the investigation and following a search of Goldsberry’s residence, authorities found evidence of child pornography on his computer.  He has been indicted in federal court for possession of child pornography and will face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Goldsberry’s attorney, Nathan Lab, requested that his client be released on probation do to the state of his mental health.  “The best thing for Doug is to get treatment,” Lab said. “He put (the couple) through hell, there’s no denying that.”  Lab reminded the judge that there were no allegations of any physical contact between his client and the women.

But, authorities believed this would be far too lenient.  “I have concerns for the safety of women, taxpayers and everyone else in Douglas County,” Brown said when asking Judge Marlon Polk to consider the maximum sentence. “The state’s concern is fueled by his deviant, narcissistic appetite for his sexual desires.”  It is likely that Goldsberry will only serve the minimum.

Of the tormented family, Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, said, “You can’t help but feel for those poor folks that lived at that house that he was sending the people to. I’m sure they’re very relieved that this situation is coming to an end.”  Most of all, the couple is relieved that their children are now safe from Goldsberry’s deviant behavior.



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