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MARCH 5: Farm Action to host “The Worsening Agricultural Trade Deficit: Its Impacts & How We Solve It”

— February 28, 2024

Virtual roundtable will be moderated by the American Economic Liberties Project and feature R-CALF USA, Rethink Trade, UFCW, and Farm Action.

Join us for a roundtable discussion to learn about the impacts of and solutions to our growing agricultural trade deficit from farmer, food system worker, and trade expert perspectives.



Attendees may register here for this virtual event.

March 5, 2024 at 1:00 – 1:45 P.M. Eastern

For three of the last five years, the United States ran an agricultural trade deficit. Now, economists at the USDA are forecasting another deficit for 2024 of over $30 billion — the worst ever on record.

The U.S. agricultural trade deficit leaves our food system vulnerable as we have become increasingly reliant on imports from other countries to feed our people, and the impacts ripple across the entire food system. The escalating agricultural trade deficit is an alarm bell to our nation’s farmers, ranchers, workers, and consumers, and it should be a wake up call for our government.


Farm Action is a farmer-led organization fighting corporate monopolies in agriculture. We envision a fair, sustainable, and healthy food system that empowers farmers, ranchers, and rural communities to feed their neighbors.

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