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MEDfarms Joins Northwood University’s Fall In-Person Employment Fair

— September 14, 2021

MEDfarms is seeking additional members to join our ever-growing team at Northwood’s Fall In-Person Employment Fair as one of the first cannabis companies to participate in a career fair in Michigan.

Typically cannabis companies have not been able to participate in job fairs due to the type of company and federal funding; however, MEDfarms is excited for this opportunity. We will be attending Northwood University’s Job Fair on Thursday, September 23rd. MEDfarms is seeking additional members to join our ever-growing team at Northwood’s Fall In-Person Employment Fair as one of the first cannabis companies to participate in a career fair in Michigan. [Editor’s note: You can also apply here.]

MEDfarms has grown from one retail location to a vertically- integrated family of companies specializing in cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail within the past 3 years. As we continue to grow within the industry, we will be promoting careers in multiple departments, including marketing, accounting, extraction, cultivation and retail.

MEDFarms logo, courtesy of MEDFarms.
MEDFarms logo, courtesy of MEDFarms.

MEDfarms is a collective group of like-minded people whose core goal is to change the perception of cannabis. We believe in community involvement, providing educational resources, and promoting health and wellness for patients and staff members alike. Our goal is to break the stigma surrounding cannabis and integrate it into the daily lives of our patients. Our company is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who share a common vision of helping others and making a difference in the cannabis industry. Within the state of Michigan, our industry professionals specialize in cultivation, retail, marketing and processing. MEDfarms believes in family values, culture and quality; while striving for a workplace environment that exceeds expectations by investing in the individuals that we work with. The better our employees become, the better MEDfarms as a whole becomes. This is done through training programs, manager coaching, continued team education and on-the-job training.

MEDfarms consistently aims to provide the most comprehensive educational information about cannabis products and consumption to the community while producing and distributing only the highest quality products to meet the medical and recreational standards of consumers. To meet these high expectations, we focus on innovative cultivation research, product development, brand development and recognition within the cannabis community and high compliance standards to guarantee the quality and safety of each product that leaves our facilities. As of January, Leafly, a leading cannabis information site, states that there are 18,078 full-time equivalent jobs in the state. Approximately 200 of those jobs held are within the MEDfarms company and we plan to continuously increase this number as we grow. Leafly also states that since the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in the state of Michigan, the industry has seen a growth of 146%. This is promising for the future of cannabis and affirms that the industry is expected to continuously grow.

This event is intended to expose students to professions and vocations available within the cannabis industry at MEDfarms. Brandon Dabish, CEO of MEDfarms, is excited for this opportunity and says “we are honored to be involved with Northwood University’s career fair. We are excited to present employment opportunities as we are eager to unleash the potential within every individual that we get to work with. I truly hope this is another stepping stone towards motivating our community while continually working towards destigmatizing cannabis.” Shannon Wilkinson, Director of Human Resources, will be attending the career fair ready to meet prospective candidates. She believes that “recruiting is instrumental in adding to our amazing workforce. MEDfarms has a culture that promotes family, fun, and collaboration while also encouraging growth in all employees. Teamwork, respect and quality are some of our strengths and we want to add some amazing individuals to continue that standard.”

Northwood’s employment fair will be held from 4 – 7 pm on Thursday, September 23rd at Northwood University’s Hach Student Life Center in Midland. MEDfarms will have a booth and we will be offering students free professional headshots, along with other fundamental activities. We are grateful to Northwood for welcoming our company and providing us with this groundbreaking opportunity.

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