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Medical Malpractice Claim Against Columbus Regional Healthcare Amended

— August 5, 2019

Kristin Boeckh experienced a permanent spinal injury. An amended complaint has been file against Columbus Regional Healthcare and John Robert Wall, DO.

Bell Law Firm, Georgia’s preeminent law firm for victims of medical malpractice, confirmed the filing of an amended complaint in Georgia case against John Robert Wall, DO, and Columbus Regional Healthcare.

According to the complaint, Midtown Medical Center has admitted egregious incompetence in a variety of aspects critical to patient safety. Specifically, the complaint alleges that Midtown Medical has admitted:

“(a) that they do not develop and maintain policies and procedures to ensure patient safety,

(b) that they’re so disorganized they don’t even know what policies they have,

(c) that they can’t find basic information in their own medical records, and

(d) that they don’t have access to even the most elementary medical expertise on which the safety of their patients depends.”

The complaint cites multiple admissions by Midtown Medical, signed by Midtown’s lawyers, confessing ignorance of whether Midtown has policies for supervising new doctors, confessing ignorance of basic patient information, and confessing ignorance of basic medical facts.

The complaint arises from permanent injury to the spinal cord of Kristin Boeckh — a thirty-three year old woman at Midtown Medical to give birth to her first child. The complaint alleges that Dr. Wall attempted to give Boeckh an epidural, but injected the needle or catheter into the Conus Medullaris, a bundle of spinal cord nerves located at the base of the spinal cord. The impact injured Boeckh’s spinal cord, causing serious, permanent injury.

According to the complaint, Dr. Wall’s admissions in the ongoing lawsuit reveal “alarming ignorance” of basic facts — for example, that “injury to the Conus Medullaris of the spinal cord by a needle or catheter can cause serious, permanent harm to the spinal cord.”

Red apple with multiple fluid-containing syringes stuck into it; image by Sara Bakhshi, via
Red apple with multiple fluid-containing syringes stuck into it; image by Sara Bakhshi, via

When he tried to give the epidural, Dr. Wall was only 34 days past his training at Larkin Community Hospital. According to the complaint, Midtown Medical should have — but did not — ensure Dr. Wall attempted an epidural only with the supervision of a more experienced doctor.

Midtown Medical Center is owned by Columbus Regional Healthcare System, Inc. and by Piedmont Healthcare, Inc.

“Both the physician and Midtown Medical Center failed Kristin Boeckh and her family,” comments Bell. “Perhaps even more alarming, though, are the admissions of Midtown Medical and Dr. Wall — which indicate broader problems that should matter to anyone who may end up at Midtown Medical.”

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